12 Best Tracks In Horizon Chase Turbo

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You can race on some beautiful tracks in Horizon Chase Turbo. The best cards in the game are these.

Horizon Chase Turbo is an independent racing game that lets you go all over the world and race on many beautiful tracks. In the game, you can practice your racing skills in 12 different countries, each with its own theme and a different level of difficulty.

Horizon Chase Turbo gets rid of things like items and drift boosts that are usually in racing games. This lets you focus on steering precisely and going as fast as possible on these racetracks. If you want to get better at racing, you should drive on the best tracks in the game.

Grass Hills – California

Grass Hills - California

The first map you can use on your trip around the world is Grass Hills. You will be racing around the edges of San Francisco on this map. The course itself takes place during the day and has nice views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city’s famous skyline.

Since Grass Hills is the first map in the game, it has a very simple racetrack with no sharp turns or dangerous loops that could cause you to crash. Even though the map is simple, the track shines as a reminder of where your racing career began.

Rose-Tinted Sky – Hawaii

Rose-Tinted Sky - Hawaii

Rose-Tinted Sky is a small racetrack near the end of the game that is set on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. As you race across sand and water at dusk on this track, the sky turns different shades of pink and gold.

Hawaii is one of the last places you unlock in the game. Because of this, the courses there are harder than those in other places. Even so, Rose-Tinted Sky doesn’t offer much of a challenge. Instead, it focuses on nice graphics over a hard course.

Rollercoaster – Chile

Rollercoaster - Chile

The Rollercoaster course is in Chile, and the difficulty goes up as you race along changing terrain. On this racetrack, you go under the huge Villarica volcano, and as you make sharp turns, the colors of the map change.

This map has both new visuals and a steady increase in difficulty. On one side of the map, you can pass your opponents by going straight, but on the other side, you have to go around three sharp turns.

Overseas – South Africa

Overseas - South Africa

The South Africa map adds a fun twist to the game, and it also gives you great views of Cape Town’s famous skyline. This medium-sized map takes place during the day, and you’ll have to race through a unique obstacle.

This racetrack’s most interesting part is a big tunnel that forces you to get close to the other racers. To get to the finish line first and not crash, you have to learn how to carefully move through this tunnel.

Plateau – Brazil

Plateau - Brazil

Brazil has a lot of different tracks, with maps in both vast rainforests and crowded cities. Plateau is an epic map of the area that shows how the country is made up of large stretches of land.

The racetrack itself is pretty big, and it has a lot of long turns and twists that might make you and your fellow racers confused. On one part of this track, you can easily get around other cars, but on the other half, there are long turns that could cause you to crash.

New Year – China

New Year - China

During the Lunar New Year, one of the races in China is held, and the whole track is lit up with fireworks and decorations. This big party is a great place to outsmart your opponents, and the tricky turns will help you get better at racing.

The track is set up in the shape of a monkey to celebrate the Lunar New Year. As you go around this racetrack, watch out for the sharp turns around the paws and tail that could send you into other racers.

Arabian Nights – United Arab Emirates

Arabian Nights - United Arab Emirates

Arabian Nights is a beautiful track in Dubai, which is a desert city. This race takes place at dusk, when the sky is a deep purple and the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, sticks up into the air.

Since most of this race takes place at night, it might be hard to picture the sharp turns and straightaways. Like other courses, this one has two straight parts and two turns that are meant to throw you off.

Thunderstorm – Greece

Thunderstorm - Greece

The Thunderstorm map is based on Zeus, the ancient god of lightning. It takes place during a fierce storm. On the course, there are both modern Greek cities and an ancient acropolis on top of a mountain.

This racetrack makes 8 Ball Pool game much harder because you have to drive on dark, wet roads that are only lit by lightning strikes. This course doesn’t have too many sharp turns, which is good because the focus is more on making it through the storm.

Aurora Borealis – Iceland

Aurora Borealis - Iceland

All of the racetracks in Iceland have large areas of snow and roads that are hard to drive on. One map, called Aurora Borealis, has an aurora that shines beautiful beams of blue and green light down dark paths.

Like other night races, this one doesn’t have a lot of tricky turns. Since you only have to go around two turns, you can try to pass your competitors on the long straightaway at the bottom of the course.

Electric Town – Japan

Electric Town - Japan

Electric Town, a night racetrack in Japan, skips the usual map layout in favor of a boxy neon city. This track takes place in Tokyo, and the different parts of the city are shown as squares that you have to move through.

This level is much harder than the last one because the whole course is made up of sharp turns and angles. Use the straightaway at the end of the track to try to pass any competitors who are giving you trouble.

City Lights – Australia

City Lights - Australia

The City Lights racetrack has one of the hardest courses for players to race on. It has a beautiful view of the skyline of Sydney, Australia. The map is set at night, when the sky is full of stars and you can see the famous Sydney Opera House.

This map is so hard because in one part of the race, there are three tight turns right after each other. Even though the race is harder because of the tight turns, the fact that it is harder makes the racetrack stand out.

Majestic – India

Majestic - India

The Majestic racetrack, which is in India, certainly lives up to its name. This strangely shaped course has great views of the Taj Mahal and a beautiful pink and purple sunset.

This map looks different from the other maps in Horizon Chase Turbo game, and it also has an interesting shape that looks like a sword. Because the racetrack is in an odd shape, it has beautiful views and tricky turns that everyone can enjoy.

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