Where Should You Play in Fortnite Device Royale?

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If installation bases weren’t present on practically all devices, Fortnite wouldn’t have achieved the level of success it has now. The dilemma then becomes which one you will begin in or move to if you are late to the party or wish to move from one to the other. Platform-jumping is what we’ll be doing, so get your Fortnite Tracker ready!

No Such Thing As The Master Race

Oh, that PC! Connoisseurs and modders prefer the so-called “master race” as their platform of choice. Are there any other reasons to choose the PC, aside from those that have nothing to do with Fortnite? Lots.

Being the most convenient platform to stream from, if you’re a streamer, this is undoubtedly the device of choice. You may get to use a console to sit in front of the TV, but you’ll still need a PC to stream from that location, so you might as well play where you stream.

On a PC, communication is also the simplest and most efficient. Voice chat is available on other devices as well, but text chat is much more difficult to use on any other platform than it is on a PC. A keyboard is a very welcome alternative to speech for those who find it difficult to express themselves. Additionally, certain things are just easier to communicate through language.

In terms of gameplay, the shooter genre benefits greatly from the mouse and keyboard setup. Some would even argue that it was designed for it. But it’s made on it, too. Going back, the combination enables simultaneous agility and pin-point accuracy for Fortnite Weapons.

Performance would be last but certainly not least. The PC is still the platform that offers the most flexibility and capability. Given that here is where video games are created, this comes as no surprise. The PC is where it’s at if you want a Fortnite experience that doesn’t have to trade off graphical beauty for seamless performance and vice versa!


Video Game Nation

The PS4 and Xbox One would come after that as consoles. This is for you if you don’t stream and just enjoy relaxing nights in front of a big TV with a bowl of chips in your hands.

The controller delivers ergonomics, Aim Assist, and even superior movement than the keyboard and mouse combo while still enabling communication, unmatched accuracy, and maneuverability. Don’t expect the game to do all the work with the Aim Assist, though; it’s just a typical handicap that has come to be expected in console shooters.

Because developers are aware of how much more difficult it is to aim with a joystick than with a mouse, especially when moving with another joystick, this specific function has become a hallmark. However, given that it has been nerfed, this isn’t a significant benefit. It’s still a tremendous assistance, though.

Fortnite offers a few exclusives on both systems as a last but most definitely not least perk. For those that support team Sony, a Fortnite Celebration Pack has been given to PS Plus subscribers. Similarly, individuals who bought an Xbox One S two years ago had the opportunity to buy the Xbox bundle, which comes with the Eon skin that transforms you into a humanoid robot, an Epic Aurora glider, and a Rare Resonator pickaxe. The Xbox, of course, has the same color scheme as all of these things.

Switch, Nintendo

While Nintendo does not directly compete with Sony or Microsoft and instead pursues its own interests, it is still very much involved in Fortnite Battle Royale on consoles and is unquestionably succeeding for itself. Fortnite’s inclusion on the platform is therefore not surprising.

The portability of Fortnite on the Switch should go without saying as that is its main selling point. You may order your chicken meal from anyplace with an internet connection, including your bed, the toilet, or the balcony. But why play on the Switch if there is Fortnite mobile?

To start, the joy-cons are placed on the screen’s side so that your fingers won’t be a distraction. Furthermore, shooting is simpler.

Last but not least, if your Switch is a regular model, you may dock it on your TV for a more traditional console experience. Do yourself a favor and purchase a pro controller to improve it even further and bring it closer to the conventional console configuration. We assure you that it will operate far better than the joy-cons mounted on the less-than-comfortable handle included in the kit.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices are last but most definitely not least in the battle royale everywhere you go. Its portability makes it particularly advantageous compared to the Nintendo Switch, but it also has one distinctive benefit over that company’s hybrid console: the capacity to use mobile data. It has its own mobile connection, so you can play anywhere, even outside the house, unlike the Switch, which will have to rely on either wi-fi or mobile data (which it will burn through extremely quickly).

The not-so-minor structural differences between mobile and the Switch, though, have a huge impact on gameplay. The former has no buttons because it only serves as a gaming device incidentally. Because the controls are on the screen and your fingers are too, it feels awkward, is distracting, and limits your view somewhat. Thankfully, a controller for Android devices can help you solve this issue, but it’s still disappointing to have to pay money for a more comfortable gaming experience.

The propensity of mobile devices to overheat is another issue, which results in shorter playing sessions. But hey, that’s the cost of playing Fortnite on a bus!

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using various devices to play Fortnite. Which one are you going to order the chicken meal from then? Please share in the comments section.

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