Common mistakes made on a website

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Today, almost all companies already have a website or work in addition with an e-commerce site for online sales. However, mistakes made on your company’s website can hurt not only your sales, but the overall user experience and customer perception of your brand. You can get in touch with Best Web Development Agency in London.

Want to know what mistakes not to make on your website? Check out the content below.

Non-responsive website

I talk about it and I often talk about it again in my articles, you have to opt for a responsive site. Finished, next, the time of a computer version site and another, mobile version. The two versions must be reconciled on the same structure, in order to offer simplified navigation to the Internet user. Google prefers responsive design sites.

Have little content

How to reference a page (service) with a content of only three lines? We must pamper our friend Google, be his best friend, and for that, offer him original and enriched content.

If you are lacking inspiration, call on a web editor. This represents a cost, but should this investment be neglected when it comes to the image of your company, the referencing and the success of your website, and moreover, its business.

SEO optimization

Thinking carefully about your natural referencing, and having the right keywords is very important. You have to put yourself in the place of an Internet user who searches the web. Example concerning me, the customer will type the keyword “creation of e-commerce site” instead of “creation of woocommerce site”. WooCommerce is a technical term little known to Internet users, so no need to highlight it.

The purpose of selecting keywords is to find the terms most typed by Internet users on search engines, the most common. If you are in a niche sector, such as animal behaviorist, for example, the keywords will be indicated: trainer, training, behaviorist, animal, dog, cat, animal care worker, educator, educator, canine, aggressive, messy, fearful, hyperactive . As we are limited in number of characters by Google on the integration of keywords. In this example we do not indicate the word “behaviour” because there is already the word behaviorist. So we optimize the number of keywords.

It is also necessary, after the creation of your website, to make quality backlinks. Gone are the days of bogus directories and press releases, or link exchanges between your site and that of a third party. The backlink which is more likely to penalize your site and your natural referencing, because Google’s Penguin discreetly monitors the web .

Loading speed

A site that displays slowly is harmful for its natural referencing, but also a source of frustration for Internet users. What could be more annoying than waiting several minutes for a page to be displayed.

Complex and overloaded architecture

Sometimes we see websites which, theoretically, are complete and where no detail seems to have been left to chance. They contain several pages, several links, too many links and therefore we end up with complicated navigation, especially on tablets and smartphones. What could be more annoying than clicking on 5 different links, just to find a service or a product. The goal is to create the most user-friendly and simplified navigation and user experience possible.

Do not give any visibility to your site

Your website is optimized in natural referencing, you are well positioned on your keywords, but today, that is no longer enough. You have to communicate differently, make yourself known via other media: advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords, radio advertising, etc. The goal is to generate visits and increase a quality backlink.

You should not be satisfied with your natural referencing alone, it can only be the only vector for selling your services. It is not only necessary to communicate, but also to create original content.

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