The companion to the Annapurna Base Camp

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For trampers who are kindly fit, the multi-day Annapurna Base Camp Trek starting in Pokhara is a fantastic preface to touring. Without a companion, we finished the Annapurna Base Camp trip in 7 days. still, we did use a jeep briefly at the morning and end to speed effects up. We hadn’t done any pre-trip planning and had no way to go on a multi-day walk. It was delicate but realisable and worth it!

Basic Information about the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Depending on where you start and the path you choose, the distance is roughly 60 kilometres.

Time 5- 7 days

Moderate difficulty is the position of difficulty. High altitude and some veritably steep terrain, but generally good pathways.

When can you go and climb Annapurna base camp?

Nepal has two main trekking seasons. The first takes place in late October or early November when it’s dry and warm outside. The alternative is the morning of spring, which lasts from April to May and can be wetter but has blooming flowers. Mid-April was when we completed the journey to Annapurna Base Camp, and we endured both completely bright days and some autumn showers.

Permits for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

You need a TIM card and permit to journey in the maturity of Nepal. These are offered at sightseer lodestones in Pokhara or Kathmandu. Going right there when you arrive in Pokhara works well because it’s only a short walk from the sightseer machine station.

For nonnatives, the TIMS card is 2000 NPR, while the permit is 2260 NPR. You must supply the Pokhara centre with 4 passport prints, which they will take and publish at no cost to you. It costs 200 NPR for 4 prints if, like us, you want to have them taken in advance( we were not apprehensive that it could be done at the centre).

The entire process takes about 15 twinkles, though it may take longer if the center is crowded.

Where to stay in Pokhara

Ahead and after the hike

With its cornucopia of cafes, massage places, gear reimbursement businesses, and decent lodging, Pokhara is designed for those who are going on or coming off a journey.

We appreciated the conveniences of Pokhara Alpinists Hostel as budget alpinists since it featured commodious, affable apartments, druthers for storing our stuff while we were hiking, and a wealth of useful information. View the prices and vacuity then.

Try the lovely hostel Batika if you want a fancier volition with individual apartments that have sundecks and attached bathrooms. View the prices and vacuity then.

Do you bear a companion for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek?

Without a companion or gatekeeper, we chose to complete the Annapurna Base Camp trip, and I believe we made the right choice. The liability of getting lost along the route is extremely minimal, there are signs in each village stating how far it’s to the coming villa, and doing it yourself will be far less precious.

Still, make sure they’re knowledgeable in English and understand your position of inflexibility, prospects, If you do decide to hire a companion. No matter the size of the group, a companion was quoted at USD 25 per day. There are less precious results, but this is a little unethical.

What about a gatekeeper?

The same is true with janitors. We transported everything ourselves after leaving some of our things at our Pokhara accommodation(approx. 7 kg). It made the trip a little more delicate but also more worthwhile. janitors can be hired for about$ 20 per day to carry two people’s things if you feel you’re unfit to carry your luggage. still, kindly only give them what you bear.

Temperatures during the journey to Annapurna Base Camp-

The maturity of the time, the day temperatures are comfortable, and after warming up, a t- shirt is suitable for touring with a warmer subcaste to be worn when you stop. You’ll need a lot of warmer clothes at night because the temperature can drop veritably significantly. When we visited in April, the temperature was below zero at base camp, and it dropped as low as ten degrees Celsius lower down.

Views of Annapurna mountain in the early morning from Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp Trek route and schedule

You decide where to begin your trip. Before beginning the Annapurna Base Camp trip in Chomrong, numerous pedestrians complete the Poon Hill or Annapurna Circuit treks.

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