Specifications of the New Launched Horwin Cr6 Pro Electric Bike

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With an increasing number of companies entering the EV area daily, plenty is riding on them to come up with something new and unique to stand out in the market. Austrian motorbike maker, Horwin is trying to do the same by launching electric motorcycles, the Horwin Cr6 and the CR6 Pro, which can be all set to be released in upcoming months. The bike maker has already announced the specs and charge of the bikes. These aren’t exactly what we can call ‘less expensive electric motorcycles,’ considering that this cost north of €5,890 (over Rs five lakh).

While a 7.2kW motor powers the base variant, the top-spec model is powered via an 11kW motor and comes with a five-speed gearbox. Horwin isn’t the simplest one to plonk a transmission to an electric bike; Tacita already has the T-Cruise in its portfolio, which is offered in two options: a 2-pace gearbox and a 5-speed gearbox. Although the CR6 gets a smaller motor, it has the same zero-60kmph time of 6 seconds as the CR6 Pro. However, the decrease-spec variant has a top velocity of 95kmph, while the top-end model can pass as much as 105kmph.

The lower pinnacle spec capacity of the CR6 allows it to extract more range from the 4kWh non-detachable lithium-ion battery per cent. Horwin claims the CR6 has a range of 150km, and the CR6 Pro can move up to 130km. The manufacturer claims it takes just 3 hours to juice up the battery to 80, according to cent. Suspension hardware consists of a USD fork and a mono-surprise. Stopping power comes from a 240mm disc on the front and a 180mm disc at the rear, with CBS as a further safety net. So, are you ready to write a round Rs five lakh check for an electric bike with a top speed of simply one zero-five?

Both motorcycles are ready. All You Should Know:

With the upward push in electric bike adoption, producers produce various bike designs to fulfil the needs of many consumers. As a result, it is vital to know the types of electric bikes in the market tool before buying one. Electric bikes’ extensive availability may be categorised based on many factors, encompassing the lessons, throttle kind, land, and flexibility. Read on to determine how electric bikes are classified based on these elements.


Electric Bike Types: Class One – Class Three:

Electric bikes have three training, and they’re all taken into consideration bikes. Thus, the training may be ridden on bike routes, trails, and maximum roads. However, laws and guidelines about electric bikes range through jurisdiction, so it’s vital to test nearby rules before driving. State guidelines vary due to the maximum speed a specific electric bike can get.

  • Class 1 electric bikes have a pedal help system and a peak speed of 20 mph. They are powered using a motor that assists the rider simultaneously as pedalling. The rider should, however, pedal for the bike to move.
  • Class 2 electric bikes have a throttle-primarily based system further to the pedal-assist machine and a pinnacle velocity of 20 mph. The rider can use the throttle to propel the motorbike without pedalling or use the pedal assist system even as pedalling.
  • Class three electric bikes have a pedal help system and a high pace of 28 mph. They are just like Class 1 electric bikes however can reach better speeds. These bikes need the rider to wear a helmet as they’re as fast as a low-powered motor vehicle.


Electric motorcycle categories can be broad, but they give equal advantages to riders and society at massive. Electric bikes are considered an eco-friendly mode of transportation because they use no fossil fuel. Thus, eco-orientated businesses and governments are encouraging electric bikes. It is high time you start electric bikes today to contribute to solving the world’s carbon tragedy.

We also love electric bikes because we genuinely consider them a move in the direction of saving our precious planet for the next generation; we have fun whenever we see a person out shopping on an electric bike, rather than burning up the ozone with a needless SUV. We’ve been using electric bikes for over a decade now, and we have the delight of knowing that we’ve hugely reduced our contribution to the destruction of the planet that our kids and grandchildren will inherit.

Electric bikes offer the best of all worlds: you get to exercise; you get to have amusement and experience like a fantastic hero; you may tour effectively, affordably and quickly, and almost all people can use them, as they come in regular bikes, resting and trikes (3-wheeled cycles). Contact Moto e Bikes to get Electric bikes with affordability and complete peace of mind.

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