10 Doubts About Cardboard Boxes You Should Clarify

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In every existing business or individual, every single product needs packaging, for the original item or introduction of new products. Packaging is very important for effectively representing your company and brand in the retail market. Cardboard boxes are the widely used material for this purpose. Cardboard is essentially a heavy form of paper constructed with a special technique to maintain the sustainable packaging of goods..

There are several misconceptions about cardboard boxes, regarding weight, sustainability, and durability. Before making a purchasing decision of packaging a solution for your products, it is always necessary to clear several doubts. The wise solution helps to take your business to new heights.

1: Durability of cardboard boxes

Cardboard packaging boxes are less durable when the items are of heavy nature. Electronic appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, or air conditioners. They are structured with multiple fibers but fit for use of fewer than 100 pounds or near that figure. However, people rarely buy heavy machinery so the use of more sustainable and hard-enduring packaging boxes is less, or even with their target-audience demand. Therefore, if you are a manufacturer of delicate products like jewelry, perfumes, medicine, or candles then cardboard packaging boxes give perfect safety and practical aid.

2: Keeping the shape

Yes, these boxes can easily be deformed. With extreme pressure, cardboard boxes are liable to do so. However, the product with delicate nature and signs of fragile printed on these boxes helps the logistic team or the transported to manage them accordingly.

When you are moving from one place to another and have your items packed in these boxes then there are high chances of damage if you mistakenly put these boxes under heavy goods. There is a solution for every problem; smart use of filling can ensure the safety of goods.

3: Can’t resist weather effect

Weather can easily affect these cardboard packaging boxes, as they are biodegradable so according to their structural element when they get wet they start to dissolve. Rain and snow can affect the shape of these boxes and ultimately result in damage to the products. Therefore, if you are shipping your goods to overseas customers you must take care of this factor for safe delivery because when they receive a parcel with a deformed shape, you will lose credibility at first look. Keep in mind the durability of your packaging boxes must assure a happy business.

4: Aesthetically less pleasing

Brown boxes with black plain printed instructions become dull and boring. Cardboard-printed boxes with basic information, signs, and formal packaging made it less attractive. Due to this reason customization trends, get higher recognition and acceptance in society. However, there are several products for daily use, which specifically need a rustic, rough, and tough look. Just like a NATURAL Working Men Hygiene Kit, or any such masculine items. When this kind of packaging is displayed on retail store shelves, they are not only eye-catching but gives an instant distinctive idea about the surprise inside.

5:  Cost efficiency

Due to the biodegradable trait of cardboard boxes, once these boxes are recycled they change into paper pulp. Unluckily if you need them, again you have to go for a new one, in the same way during packaging if a box gets damaged or torn out it needs to be replaced. This thing adds up to the cost of packaging and finding new materials several times. On other hand, its supplies and material are cheap and labor cost is low, so creating these boxes is much cheaper than other solutions available in the market.

6: Cost saving for bulk use

However, buying in bulk can make a huge difference in terms of cost. Companies prefer to buy cardboard packaging boxes in large quantities and customize them according to their themes and branding afterward. This step ensures uniformity in packaging every time your customer receives different products of the same brand; it also helps to create a unique identity.

7: Customization factor

Due to the rough and rustic structure of cardboard boxes, customization with different colors and designs becomes difficult. These boxes absorb the moisture of color and are difficult to play with indifferently. Due to this reason, many printing companies feel uncomfortable while working on producing custom cardboard boxes. This trait makes the simple process complicated.

However, there are smart brains in the market who love to break the ice with innovation and the use of new techniques. The use of a coating, foil embossing, and the addition of the 3D effect makes these dull cardboard printed boxes full of life.

8: Reusable

There are several packaging boxes available in the market that are reusable after purchasing the product, in terms of storage. Custom cardboard boxes can be used as gifting boxes or for short-time use but their long-time use post-sale is not so impressive. They are flexible enough that they can be stored after flattening and reused at the time of need if handled properly and kept in a damp-free area.

9: Designing and printing

As we know, printing on these extreme paper pulp-created cardboard boxes is difficult but they have a unique quality of design and shape adjustment according to the dimension of the product. Packaging and printing companies play with the design and shape of these boxes.

Custom cardboard boxes are mainly used for marketing and branding any new idea dissemination effectively as cylinder shape boxes tell you about the horizontal shape of the gift or item.

10: Marketing tool

Cardboard-printed boxes serve as a marketing tool for any company that wants to spread a word of goodwill among consumers and potential clients. Many people think about it as wrong, but there are times when the marketing team has to design a strategy for any occasion or meet up and these customized boxes give a professional look. For Example, at the expo fair one brand wants to advertise them then the best choice is printed small boxes with a handy giveaway souvenir or badge to make the visit memorable.

However, it is crucial thing to select the right Cardboard box according to the business need of your product. Because better packaging and presentation will surely help to promote business. Considerable efforts must be added for making packaging secure, reliable, and efficient. These cardboard boxes will pay off when constructed and designed carefully.

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