Pruning Gloves: A Complete Guide!

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Pruning Gloves

If you are a gardening enthusiast, taking frequent rounds of your garden, you must be accustomed to cuts and bruises. The risk of getting bruised increases with rose plants in your garden. Thus, no matter how beautiful your plants are or how much you love them, you should first take care of your hands. And the best way to protect your hands from thorny plants is by using one of the best rose pruning gloves while gardening. Using these gloves will keep your hands unscathed, making your gardening experience more fun.

These thorn-resistant pruning gloves offer maximum protection when working with thorny plants. Here in this blog, we will cover everything that you should know about pruning gloves.

What are pruning gloves?

Gardening involves a wide variety of tasks where the gardener needs to deal with mud, dirt, rock particles, and thorny plants or shrubs. These tasks often cause cuts, scratches, and bruises. That’s where pruning gloves come to the rescue! These gloves protect the hands and arms from such gardening hazards. They are strong and durable to resist continuous digging and pruning while providing adequate flexibility to the hands to grasp and pull stuff.

What are the benefits of using pruning gloves?

Gardening gloves are not just meant to cover your hands; rather they offer much more than that! Below are the advantages of using the best rose pruning gloves for gardening.

  • Thorn Resistance: Rose pruning gloves are quite different from traditional cotton gloves. They are manufactured using durable materials that provide protection against thorns and sharp edges. Perhaps, if you are a gardener or gardening enthusiast who loves to take care of plants, you must have often come across scratches and cuts while working in your garden. The easiest way to avoid such painful cuts is by wearing rose pruning gloves. These gloves act as a shield against pricky thorns and pointed outgrowths.
  • Protection Against Mud: Gardening involves digging mud full of herbicides. So, if you do not protect your hands while gardening, your hands are sure to come in contact with soil or dirt. The soil particles will further get stuck into your nails and most likely enter your stomach without your notice. And once the germs enter your body, you know the consequences. You can get stomach infections or even skin infections if you touch your face with your hands full of mud. To avoid such consequences, you should essentially cover your hands and arms with pruning gloves!
  • Prevents Insect Bites: Gardens are often the home of varied insects. So, getting stung or bitten by insects is very common while working in a garden. The only way to prevent insect bites is by wearing pruning gloves. Once your hands and arms are covered with these gloves, rest assured that no insect can cause you any harm. It would be even better if you wear leather guards. Since leather pruning gloves come in a sturdy and thick texture, they can efficiently keep your hands away from insects.

What are the Key Considerations for Choosing Pruning Gloves?

As already mentioned, rose pruning gloves are different from regular cotton gloves, thus, you need to keep a few things in mind while choosing pruning guards.

  • Material: Looking into the material used for making rose pruning gloves is the first and most important aspect while shopping for your gardening shield. Leather and spandex are the best materials for pruning gloves.
  • Thornproof: Getting pricked by thorns and sharp edges is common while gardening. Hence, it is very important to use a protective shield while working with thorny plants, especially roses. The thornproof guards are the best rose pruning gloves to use. 
  • Flexibility: Another important aspect to bear in mind while choosing gardening shields is that the gloves should be flexible in use and provide adequate breathability. Wearing gloves that allows air to pass through them keeps hands cool throughout the process.
  • Arm Protection: As a garden enthusiast, you must already be aware that it’s not only the hands that come in contact with thorns but also the arms while pruning roses. The stems and branches of rose plants are long enough to reach your arms and thus, you should essentially wear gloves of forearm length to protect your arms along with your hands.

Final Words

Wearing insulated work gloves is not enough while working in a garden. In fact, you should essentially wear rose pruning gloves to protect your hands & arms from cuts, bruises, scratches, insect bites, harmful chemicals, and dirt. But, choosing the right pruning gloves is not an easy task! That’s why you should consider looking for gloves that can provide extensive protection & convenience, are thornproof, flexible, breathable, and made out of strong materials. Furthermore, to make sure that your pruning gloves last for long years, you should take care of your gloves in an effective manner.

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