Learn Everything You need to know about Australian Student Visa for Filipinos

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Australia is a favourite place to study for students from other countries – and that includes students from the Philippines. Just so you know, in 2022, about 600,000 students from all over the world came to study in Australia. It is not hard to see why – Australia is really a great place to live and settle! It has amazing facilities for work and education, and it is known for its impressive industrial infrastructure. Therefore, in simple words, you can say that it is a land filled with opportunities!

Types of Australian Student Visa

Student Visa (Subclass 500)

This visa lets you come to Australia and stay until you finish your studies. You are allowed to stay for up to five years. The best part? You can work while you study. Moreover, your eligible family members can come along with you to Australia! For details connect with the study abroad consultants in Philippines.

Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)

This visa is super helpful if you are a guardian who needs to go to Australia to support and look after a student visa holder who is under 18 years old. You can stay for up to five years but remember, you are not allowed to work while you are there. This one is specifically for guardians of students on the Subclass 500 visa who are under 18.

Training Visa (Subclass 407)

Are you looking for some professional development training in Australia? Then, this visa is for you! It enables you to visit Australia for job-oriented or professional development training and you can stay for up to two years. But keep in mind, this is a sponsored visa so you will need someone to sponsor your visit.

How to Get Your Student Visa in Australia?

So, you are thinking about studying in Australia. Great choice! Let us break down what you have to do to get that student visa. Bear in mind, the exact details might change depending on the type of visa you choose. This is a basic guide for university students. Need more help? Our friendly team at Asia Pacific Group are always happy to help.

  • Register for a Course: You will need to sign up for a course that is registered with CRICOS.
  • Show Your English Skills: You will need to pass an English test, such as the IELTS, and get a score of 5.5 or higher.
  • Get Health Insurance: Keep yourself covered! Make sure you have good health insurance for your entire stay.
  • Have Enough Money: Australia is not cheap! You will need to show you have enough money to cover your living, education, and travel costs.
  • Pass a Health Check: You need to meet certain health standards to get a visa.
  • Show Good Character: You need to prove you are a good person and unlikely to break the laws.
  • Sign a Values Statement: Lastly, you will need to sign a statement approving Australian values.

Documents Required for Applying for an Australian Student Visa

If you are ready to hit the books in Australia and need a student visa (subclass 500), you will need some specific documents. Remember, depending on your personal situation, you might need a few extra things too. Like if you have changed your name, you will need to show proof of that change.

Here is what you will need in general:

  • A Proof of Your Identity: This could be your passport, driver’s license, or ID card.
  • Proof of Your Upcoming Studies: An acceptance letter or document from your school would work here.
  • Health Insurance Proof: Show evidence that you are covered for any health issues that might come up.
  • Welfare and Accommodation Details: If you are not yet 18, you will need to have details about where you will be staying and who will be overseeing your welfare while in Australia.
  • Resume: Detail your education and employment history.


Remember, gathering the right documents is just part of the visa process. However, with them in hand and fulfilling all other major requirements, you are well on your way to Australia for study.

You could also ask an Asia Pacific Group’s counsellor to help you go through your application. Once this part of the immigration process is done, you will have more time to focus on other key things for your move to Australia for more studies.

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