Hanuman Chalisa Interesting Facts

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The most renowned petition which is proposed to our cherished Sri Hanuman will be Hanuman Chalisa. Numerous Devotees of Hanuman Ji serenade Hanuman Chalisa and furthermore named their children after him. Despite the fact that Hanuman Ji has such a lot of information and strength, he is additionally popular for his characteristics, unwavering ness, humbleness, and magnanimity and we as a whole realize Lord Hanuman is venerated from one side of the planet to the other.

Do you have at least some idea there are a few fascinating realities connected with the Hanuman Chalisa, here we have added a portion of current realities from which you get to realize how strong is Hanuman Chalisa.


These are current realities

• Hanuman Chalisa Chanting Miracle

Akbar had Summoned Tulsi Das and requested to play out some supernatural occurrence yet he declined and let him know it was all falsehood so Akbar detained Tulsi Das at Fatehpur Sikri. Tulsi Das would not do homage to Akbar and composed Hanuman Chalisa to laud Lord Hanuman. He recited it for 40 days and on the 40th day a multitude of monster monkeys drop on Fatehpur Sikri and harm the entire city, an old hafiz let Akbar know this is a wonder of Hanuman Chalisa and Akbar promptly liberated Tulsi Das.

• The Distance Between Earth and the sun is referenced in the Hanuman Chalisa

This is the most intriguing reality of Hanuman Chalisa, it gives the specific distance between the earth and the sun. The Hanuman Chalisa is written in Awadhi Language and Hanuman Chalisa is written in the 15 century.

• Hanuman Chalisa was created by Tulsi Das in 15 Century

Hanuman Chalisa is composed by a Poet/Saint named Goswami Tulsidas in the 15 century. Tulsidas was otherwise called the best enthusiast of Shri Ram. He Wrote Hanuman Chalisa in 40 days when was detained by Akbar in 15 centuries.

• Hanuman Chalisa is so much strong

Hanuman Chalisa is such a lot of force and each para has an extraordinary significance, the first para expresses that any individual who drones Hanuman Chalisa will be liberated from mastery and experience a lot of joy in their life. It additionally said that assuming we serenade Hanuman Chalisa for somebody’s difficulty the issue disappears, it gives a quieting impact and is likewise known to fix infections, lunacy, and so on

Interesting Facts About Hanuman Chalisa

  • Hanuman Chalisa and Ramayana are actually written by the same person

Hanuman Chalisa was written by Tulsidas who is said to be an incarnation of sage Valmiki; Who wrote the original Ramayana. So, according to Hinduism, if the theory of reincarnation of birth and rebirth is to be believed, the Hanuman Chalisa and the Ramayana were actually written by the same person.

  • Tulsidas met Hanuman in real life

It is said that Tulsidas met Hanuman face-to-face in real life. He first appeared as a man infatuated with Hanuman in his hymns and assumed his true form at the request of Tulsidas. The place where Tulsidas met Hanuman, the ‘Sankat Mochan’ temple is built in the same place.

  • Hanuman Chalisa was written in jail

On challenging Tulsidas to show him, Lord Rama, the poet-saint replied by saying that it is not possible even for an emperor to see Lord Rama without true devotion. Hurt by the answer, Tulsidas was immediately imprisoned on the orders of Emperor Aurangzeb. Tulsidas wrote the Hanuman Chalisa during his 40 days of imprisonment with the belief that Lord Hanuman would come to his rescue.

  • The Monkey Menace – Aurangzeb bows down to Hanuman’s might

As soon as Tulsidas finished writing the Hanuman Chalisa in jail, the monkey menace began on the streets of Delhi. The emperor’s (Aurangzeb’s) soldiers could not subdue the monkeys even with brute force. Aurangzeb considered this the wrath of Lord Hanuman, who is considered to be the greatest devotee of Lord Rama and ordered Tulsidas to be released from prison immediately. It is said that soon after his release the menace of monkeys stopped.

  • Hanuman Chalisa mentions the distance between the Earth and the Sun

In the 18th verse of Hanuman Chalisa (Jug Sahastra Jojan Par Bhanu), the distance between Earth and Sun is mentioned somewhat accurately.

The calculation of the distance between the Earth and the Sun is described in the Hanuman Chalisa.
1 jug = 12,000
1 Sahasra = 1000
1 john = 8 miles
(juga x sahasra x jojan) = 9,60,00,000 miles

1 mile = 1.6 kilometer
9,60,00,000 miles x 1.6 = 1,53,600,000 kilometers

According to astronomy, the distance between the Earth and the Sun keeps changing because the Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical manner. The longest distance from the Earth to the Sun is on 3rd July which is 1,52,171,522 km which is almost the same distance (1,53,600,000 km) as mentioned in the Hanuman Chalisa. It is plausible that Tulsidas was more or less accurate in the 16th century itself without the help of any of today’s advanced science and technology.

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