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New Hope the Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore and Islamabad for Those Suffering from Bipolar Disorder. The severe mental illness known as bipolar disorder characterized. by unusual and extreme shifts in mood. Ranging from the highest possible high (mania) to the lowest possible low (depression). People generally believe that men and women equally affected. y severe psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder.

A major depressive:

Best Drug Rehab Center in Lahore for Women more likely. To experience rapid cycling than men. Women also have a greater propensity. To experience episodes of depression and mixed states than men do. Involve a manic episode that lasts for at least seven days. Or mania that severe enough to warrant hospitalization. The individual suffers from a major depressive episode that lasts for at least two weeks.

Bipolar 2 Disorders:

Mania and depression both at the same time However, mania is not as severe as it is in bipolar 1 (also known as a) (hypomania).


Symptoms of hypomania and depression that. Last for one year or longer in children or two years. Or more in adults included in this condition. Which is also known as cyclothymic.

Something Else:

Those who suffer from this condition exhibit symptoms. That unique and do not fit any of the aforementioned categories. There a number of potential causes. For these symptoms, including consumption of alcohol or drugs. As well as other medical conditions.

Symptoms- Bipolar Disorder:

During a depressive episode, you might experience the following symptoms. Saving a predominant sense of melancholy, hopelessness, or irritability. A lack of energy Difficulty concentrating. They remembering things that said or read. Negative thoughts about oneself Trouble falling or staying asleep Suicidal ideation Manic. In patients with bipolar disorder, the manic phase may include the following:

Feeling very happy:
Having a very rapid speech rate:
Feeling self-important:
Easily provoked to anger:

Delusions and illogical thinking are both symptoms:

Acting in a way that inconsistent with who you saying things that are inconsistent with. Who you that others see as being risky or harmful. A Patterns of depression and mania include the following. It is possible for a person. Who suffers from bipolar disorder to experience episodes of depression more frequently. Than episodes of mania, or vice versa. In between bouts of depression and mania, a person. With bipolar disorder may experience periods of time . In which their mood considered to be “normal.” The pattern does not always follow the same format, for instance.

Rapid Cycling:

Instances in which a person. Who bipolar disorder goes. From a high phase to a low phase repeatedly. The rapidly without any ‘normal’ periods in between these swings.

Having a Mixed State:

When a person with bipolar disorder exhibits symptoms of both depression and mania. At the same time. For instance, engaging in excessive activity while feeling down in the dumps.


A person may diagnosed with cyclothymic disorder. A mild form of bipolar disorder, If they significant mood swings. That last for an extended period of time but are

Bipolar in Pakistan:

14.3% is the estimated rate of prevalence of bipolar spectrum. It disorder among Pakistani students. according to recent studies. There found to be no statistically significant difference in the prevalence of BSD. Between the sexes Despite this. The age group of 20 to 21 years old was the one that was most affected. In a country like Pakistan. There is a widespread myth in which people believe. That someone else has performed some form of “black magic” on them. In point of fact, however, it is a mental illness.

Bipolar in women:

The treatment of women who suffer. From bipolar affective disorder can be quite challenging. The disease manifests itself in women in a manner. That distinct from that of men and distinguished. By a later age of onset, seasonality, atypical presentation. A greater degree of mixed episodes. Recovery from bipolar disorder (BD) frequently hindered. By the presence of medical and psychiatric co-morbidities. This phenomenon more prevalent in females. Women more likely to suffer from co-morbid conditions. Such as thyroid disease, migraine headaches, obesity, and anxiety disorders. Whereas men more likely to suffer from substance use disorders.

Mood stabilizers required:

The treatment of pregnant and nursing women presents a number of unique challenges. Pregnancy does not protect against or exacerbate BD. The majority of pregnant women need to continue taking. Their medication throughout their pregnancy. In women, the postpartum period a time when the risk of developing BD. For the first time or having it return is particularly high. It possible that preventative treatment with mood stabilizers required. Individualized risk and benefits assessments of pregnant and postpartum women. With BD required for the purpose of promoting. The health of the women and avoiding or limiting exposure of the fetus. It infant to the potential adverse effects of medication.

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