How To Create A Keychain That Will Get People’s Attention?

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Pick up any business in today’s world, and ninety-nine percent of the time, you will find out that it is saturated. You’ll see that there is already much competition in the market for the particular business for a keychain. And if you don’t know what entrepreneurs do when they face such instances, know that they bring up a USP (unique selling point) to their marketing and do some modifications to the product that will catch the people’s attention.

Similarly, in the business of acrylic keychains, we look forward to creating keychains that no one has made before. As daunting as it sounds, it’s not actually that difficult. With the right set of tools and putting in the effort, and creativity, we can create keychains that people will love. Below we share with you a brief step-by-step process of making custom keychains that people will love to buy.

Elements of an Attractive Keychain

  • Unique Design
  • Attractive Color Theme
  • Good quality material

Items Required to Create a Unique Acrylic Keychain

  • Keychain rings
  • Acrylic blank
  • Permanent vinyl color
  • Cutting Mat
  • Transfer tape
  • Cricut machine

Step 1: Think of a Design and Draw it

Designing a unique keychain is all about bringing up a new design. For that, choose an acrylic material that would perfectly resonate with the shape you want to create. This will help you to easily cut the acyclic into the desired keychain shape. We will discuss the cutting part in the next section. For now, you want to think of a unique design because that will make your key chain unique and attractive to people.

We suggest you search for some online designs on different key chain websites. Also, use your own imagination to brainstorm a keychain design. Doing all this will help you to come up with a unique keychain design. Once you have the design ready, move on to the next step, which is cutting the acrylic using a Cricut machine.

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Step 2: Use Cricut Machine to Make the Shape

Pick out your cutting material first, then set it on the cutting mat. Whatever material you want to make a key chain of, use it. Cricut machine cuts wood, plastic, and even metal, so you can create any material key chain you want. The material is kept in place while being cut by the Cricut, thanks to the cutting mat. Place the mat into the device.

The next step is to create the design you previously made in Cricut Design Space. After deciding on your material settings, send the design to your Cricut cutting machine. To begin cutting, press the button on your Cricut machine. Remove the mat and the material off the mat when the machine has finished cutting.

Step 3: Paint the Keychain and Decorate

Now that you’ve got your key chain ready out of the Cricut machine, carefully take it off the cutting mat. Now you just need to turn on your creative artist side and make the keychain ready. There are several things we can do to decorate the keychain.

The first one is to get the vinyl stickers of your favorite shape or text you want to print on the keychain. You’d need transfer tape to print that sticker on the keychain. We also use multi-surface paint to color the keychain.

Moreover, you can add extra decor to the keychain by sticking to its miniatures or engraving a name on the keychain. Engraving tools such as the press can easily engrave a name or shape on a keychain.

And that’s how you build a unique acrylic key.

End notes

Creating a custom keychain that people will love is not as hard as it sounds. It just requires creativity, imagination, and the right tools. With the help of Cricut machines and the right materials, you can easily design and cut out a unique with a unique design, attractive color theme, and good quality material. Furthermore, you can add extra decor to it with vinyl stickers, multi-surface paints, miniatures, and engravings. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you will be able to create a keychain that stands out and catches people’s attention.

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