5th Anniversary Gift Guide Surprising Your Spouse Wooden Gift

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For many couples, their fifth anniversary presents an opportunity to celebrate the strength of their relationship and remind each other of their love for one another. When selecting a gift that truly captures the spirit of your relationship, one classic choice is wood. 

A wooden gift offers something unique, timeless and meaningful – perfect for such a special occasion! Whether you’re looking for a decorative item or something practical, this blog post will give you some great ideas for surprising your spouse with a wooden present on your 5th anniversary.

What is the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary?

For a 5th wedding anniversary gift, the traditional present is wood. Wood represents strength and stability, essential qualities in a successful marriage. Consider something practical and sentimental if you want to surprise your spouse with a wooden gift. 

For example, a custom-made cutting board or a set of personalised coasters would be both valuable and meaningful. Or, for a unique gift, you could have a piece of furniture custom-made with your spouse’s favourite type of wood. Whatever you choose, a wooden gift is sure to show your spouse how much you care about their happiness and success.

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How to pick a wooden present that your spouse will love?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your spouse, it can be tricky. But if you know what they love, it can be a lot easier. A wooden present would be perfect if your spouse loves woodworking or being outdoors. 

Here are some tips on how to pick a 5 year wedding anniversary gift that your spouse will love:

  • Think about what they love most about woodworking or being outdoors. Is it the smell of fresh-cut wood? The feel of sanding a piece of wood smooth? The satisfaction of completing a project? Use that as your starting point when picking out a gift.
  • Look for something unique and handmade. There are lots of great options for wooden gifts that are handmade by artisans. This will show your spouse that you put thought into their gift and chose something just for them.
  • Think about what kind of project they would love to do with the wooden gift you give them. It could be a new birdhouse for the backyard or a set of coasters for the coffee table. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something they’ll enjoy using and appreciate having.

Top 5 wooden anniversary gifts for your spouse

  1. Wooden watch – A wooden watch is a classic 5th wedding anniversary gift that your spouse will love. Choose a design that suits your style and add a unique engraving to make it extra-meaningful.
  2. Wooden jewellery box – If your spouse loves jewellery, a beautiful wooden box is the perfect place to store their collection. Look for one with intricate carving or inlaid details for a luxurious touch.
  3. Wooden picture frame – commemorate your five years with a unique photo frame featuring lovely wood grain detail. Add a sweet note or poem for an extra-personal touch.
  4. Wooden Christmas ornament – Start a new tradition with this unique and thoughtful gift! Hang it on your tree each year as a reminder of your everlasting love.
  5. Wooden cutting board – A stunning wooden cutting board makes an excellent anniversary gift for the spouse who loves to cook. 

Personalised Olive Wood Heart

Is your spouse a fan of all things olive? If so, this unique and personalised olive wood heart is the perfect anniversary gift! This beautiful piece can be customised with your spouse’s initials and a special message or date, making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Your spouse will love the natural beauty of this olive wood heart, and it’s sure to become a treasure keepsake. This heartfelt gift will be cherish for years, whether display on a shelf or mantle or hung on the wall.

Engraved Olive Wood Heart

Thinking outside the box is essential when finding the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse. Instead of choosing the usual suspects like flowers or jewellery, why not give them a unique, personal, and meaningful 5th wedding anniversary gift?

One excellent option is an engraved olive wood heart. This beautiful piece can be customise with your spouse’s initials, name, or a special message. It’s a thoughtful way to show how much you care, and it will become a cherish keepsake for years.

Wedding Ring Box

Surprising your spouse with a 5th wedding anniversary gift doesn’t get much better than a wooden present. Not only is wood a classic and luxurious material, but it also has a natural warmth and beauty that is perfect for expressing your love.

One of our favourite wooden anniversary gifts is a wedding ring box. This unique box can be customise with your name and wedding date, making it an extraordinary and personal gift. The natural wood grain will add a beautiful touch to any dresser or nightstand.

If you’re looking for something extra special, consider adding a hidden compartment to the box. This hidden space can store keepsakes, photos, or even love letters. Your spouse will be sure to appreciate this thoughtful and meaningful gift!


This article has given you a few excellent ideas for making your 5th anniversary special with wooden gifts. Wood is an excellent material to commemorate the passing of five happy years together as a couple, and it will show your spouse how much you care about them. 

So, consider any of these fantastic wooden present ideas or come up with something unique and make sure your 5th anniversary is one your partner won’t forget!

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