Are Industrial Automation Jobs In Demand In the U.S.A.?

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With the increasing adoption of industry 4.0 and the advent of 5G wireless technology. The global demand for industrial automation is driving us crazy. As a result, the expansion of industrial IoT is a significant trend prevailing in the market across the globe. Moreover, the manufacturing sector demands the increasingly sophisticated technical skills of all modern factory workers. The ongoing anxiety about industrial automation leaving factory workers unemployed. Thousands of jobs in the manufacturing sector go unfilled across the U.S.A. and globally. Meanwhile, the IFR survey estimates that the increase in demand would create one million high-quality jobs in the industrial sector over the next five years.

Who Is An Automation Technician?

Automation technicians are the tradesperson responsible for repairing and maintaining the robotic devices. Plus computer authorized systems are used within industrial and commercial facilities to reduce human intervention and maximize efficiency. Furthermore, their duties require knowledge of electronics, mechanics, and computers. 

These tradesperson troubleshoot services and fix the computerized systems and robotic devices designed to reduce human interaction. Such as automatic assembly devices and computer-controlled building air conditioning systems. Therefore, these professionals require math, computer, and electronics skills. B.L.S Survey states in the 2019-2029 decade, the job growth outlook for this position is as fast as the average.

How To Become An Electrician In Today’s Era?

Before heading your career in this profession, you’ll need to earn a high school diploma. After that, consider attending a trade. Or vocational-technical school by joining a reputable electrician school. That could give you all the necessary knowledge required to impact society. 

Once you complete the trade school. You will need to study the national code for electricians. So that you can take the test to become a licensed electrician. 

You may also opt for paid apprenticeships. Though electricians do not require a four-year degree, electrician programs and schools can kickstart careers in the industry. If you enroll in industrial automation electrician program. You will gain good training basics in labs and classes to strengthen your academic performance. 

After studying rigorously, you can now take and pass the state electrician exam. To be certified, you will also have to accumulate paid work experience to become a licensed electrician. And once you are approved, you can start working as an electrician. 

What Are The Requirements Of The Electrician Program?

Individuals who pursue apprenticeship programs gain immediate hands-on training and real-world experience. Apart from that, they learn what it takes to become an electrician. Electrician aspirants may also receive a job offer from their supervisor at the end of their training. 

Despite this, electrician licenses have on-the-job training and professional experience requirements. As an instance, most college and technical school programs in electrical technology entail a partial apprenticeship. While in other schools, students may earn credit toward their training. Yet both routes offer the right skills and become licensed electricians.

What Do You Learn At Electrician Trade Schools?

Electrician trade schools give broad exposure to the students in this industry and electrical systems. Besides, they offer a path to more formal instruction in the trade. Electrician trade school programs offer technical certificates to students. 

They may also address associates of science degrees in electrical technology. While, when they complete seven years of work experience, then they become a master electrician.

Indeed, electrician trade school graduates usually receive credit toward their apprenticeship, which reduces their time becoming licensed electricians. Indeed, this also gives graduates a head start on their training.

How Is Manufacturing Training In Philadelphia?

Manufacturing training programs include onboarding, I.T. security, anti-harassment policies, etc. At the same time, these types of training are standard for most workplaces. Moreover, adding to that extensive compliance training to implement good manufacturing practices or other industry-specific regulations. 

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute is one of the prestigious trade schools in Philadelphia that offers hands-on training in trades. To amplify your career in electrician jobs, you can go for Welding, Healthcare. Plumbing/PipeFitter, Automotive, Masonry & Manufacturing, and many other trades.


Becoming an electrician can provide you a comfortable salary without a four-year degree. According to the B.L.S, licensed electricians make high salaries, a median wage of $55,190 per year. In addition, unlike some other tradespeople, Electricians enjoy strong demand thanks to ongoing construction projects. 

Despite this, there are extra benefits of becoming an electrician, like flexibility, freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. So, if you’re going to start your career in this field, then what are you waiting for! Book your classes now on PTTI.

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