5 Lehenga Trends to Try this Wedding Season

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Every festive occasion calls for us to dress up to the nines. From sarees to dresses to lehengas to gowns, there is no dearth of festive wear for women. If your best friend’s wedding is around the corner and you are worried about what outfit you will be wearing since you’re the bridesmaid, a lehenga should be an ideal choice for you.

Being the bride, your friend will be dressed up in a red or a white lehenga, so to complement her, you can wear a blue lehenga instead. Most women prefer wearing shades of red, yellow, green, or orange during the festivities, but you can choose to stand out in a light blue lehenga.

There are different types of lehengas available, thanks to rising new trends emerging each day. If you want to dress according to your body type and your personality, here are some of the best styles of lehengas that you can choose from.

  • Modified A-line lehenga: A-line lehengas have become a cliched choice, but if you beg to differ, you can go for the modified A-line style instead. In this lehenga style, the skirt is cinched at the waist and fitted to the hips, after which it flares out. If you’ve got hips to die for, this lehenga style is perfect for you. You can opt for a sheer sleeveless blouse with delicate floral detailing embroidered on it for a chic look.
  • Circular lehenga: A circular type of lehenga features a voluminous skirt, and at times it even features a small train. These lehengas are reserved for big occasions, such as weddings, where you want to pull off a dramatic look. You can wear a blue lehenga with a circular hem and pair it with a matching blue blouse with dramatic sleeves and a plunging neckline to balance the look.
  • Mermaid lehenga: Ladies, if you are blessed with an hourglass figure, a mermaid-style lehenga should be your pick because it highlights your curves in the right way. In this type, the lehenga hugs around the waist and hips tightly before flaring out like a mermaid’s tail. If you want to embody the look of Disney’s Princess Ariel, a blue lehenga in the mermaid style is a perfect choice for your BFF’s wedding.
  • Kalidar lehenga: Petite girls are always frustrated because a regular lehenga has to be heavily altered to fit their body type. But if you want to create an illusion of a voluminous figure, a kalidar lehenga is an ideal choice because the pizza-slice-shaped vertical panels are stitched along the flare of the skirt to create a voluptuous look.
  • Overskirt lehenga: If you want to wear something inspired by Hollywood, this lehenga style is the best because it features a long piece of fabric or a half skirt sewn to the sides or back, resulting in a layered look. A blue lehenga with an overskirt is an ideal choice for a cocktail night or a wedding reception.

These are the ideal lehengas for women, which are trending not only locally but also in the fashion industry.

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