8 Travel Accessories You Must Have When Traveling Abroad

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Travel Accessories

When you’re planning your big trip abroad, there are many important factors to consider – plane tickets, hotel reservations, and even things like currency conversion rates and food allergies. But if you don’t plan out your travel accessories, you could be in trouble on your vacation! This is why we have put together this list of 15 travel accessories that you must have when traveling abroad

1) Backpack

Travel accessories don’t get more classic than a backpack. A backpack is incredibly practical when you travel: you can fit anything and everything in it (well, almost anything), and they’re easy to carry around while you walk. Plus, there are a multitude of styles from which to choose. For many, a backpack represents freedom and adventure it’s perfect for traveling abroad because it allows for an assortment of quick trips without having to re-pack each time. However, if one is going abroad for a longer period of time (say several months), packing might be more efficient in smaller luggage such as rolling suitcases or wheeled backpacks; those will also keep your belongings together if something happens to your bag during transit.

2) Anti-Theft Pouches

Whether you’re traveling to Europe or Asia, it’s important to stay on your toes when it comes to protecting your items. Fortunately, there are a variety of anti-theft travel accessories that can help keep your belongings safe and secure. Some devices are straightforward and easy to use, like anti-theft pouches. These pouches slide onto your luggage handles or around their frames so no one can cut them and get at what’s inside. Other products come with sturdier locks as well as hidden alarms that sound if someone tries to break into them while you’re away from your bag.

3) Cable Lock

We’ve all seen countless movies and TV shows where a cable lock is used to secure valuables in vehicles. A great example of a travel accessory, you can use these locks to secure your valuables in hotels and even when traveling abroad. If you’re worried about leaving your expensive camera equipment behind, use a cable lock as an extra precaution to prevent theft or damage while out on an adventure! And if worse comes to worst, at least now your belongings have some level of protection against theft. Be sure to get one that has TSA approval so you don’t have any issues traveling through airport security.

4) Dry Bag

Since these can be filled with your phone, camera, passport and any other valuables to make sure they stay safe while out on an adventure, I consider them a must-have travel accessory. A dry bag is just a good idea when traveling abroad since you may not have immediate access to your stuff when visiting another country. Instead of worrying about keeping everything safe, I recommend putting them in a dry bag before even stepping foot off of that plane. There are plenty of styles out there so shop around until you find one that works for you and your travels.

5) Guidebook/Lonely Planet

Travel apps are a great source of information, but nothing beats having a physical guidebook or Lonely Planet. These books have been written by locals who know where to eat and which sites to visit. They’re packed with maps, pictures, and trip itineraries that make it easy to plan your own journey. Because they’re designed for travelers rather than tourists, you can be confident that they’ll help you discover local hangouts instead of overcrowded tourist traps. Not only will these travel accessories keep you from missing out on hidden gems, but they’ll also save you money since many restaurants offer discounts for diners with guidesbooks.

6) Passport Cover

One of my absolute favorite travel accessories is a passport cover. Not only do they add an extra layer of protection against RFID scanners that can pick up your info, but they also add a fun touch to you look. For example, if you’re traveling somewhere that may not be overly friendly towards Americans, you might want to choose a passport cover in an alternative color like red or green. To keep your cash safe while traveling abroad, make sure you bring along one of these wallets that aren’t just stylish but also protect your money from being stolen (or lost). Plus, it makes paying for goods abroad much easier since local currencies are often different sizes and require different coins.

7) Sunglasses

Whether you’re sailing through canals in Venice or exploring cobblestone streets in Barcelona, it’s important to protect your eyes from sun exposure. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than debilitating headaches brought on by a blistering sunburn to your corneas. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses and wear them religiously when outdoors so you don’t miss out on any great photo opportunities. The right shade can also be used as an effective form of self-expression, making it a travel accessory that can have practical and stylish applications alike.

8) Water Bottle

One of my favorite travel accessories is a good water bottle, because it’s so easy to get dehydrated when you’re out and about. Take some form of water with you everywhere you go, from concerts to shopping centers – staying hydrated can be easy if you simply carry around a small water bottle in your bag. If that’s not feasible, keep a glass or other container nearby at all times – even while at home. The more time I spend abroad, one thing I’ve learned is to take advantage of every place’s unique offerings: If there’s an intriguing tasting menu or an eye-catching selection at a restaurant or store, give it a try! It could be one of your best memories.

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