WooCommerce Appointment Booking Plugins

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WooCommerce appointments are today’s main source of revenue for online businesses. Setting up appointments and providing prompt service to each client is made possible by using a booking calendar. But managing all the reservations requires a unique skill set. It’s incredibly simple to miss something, resulting in a booking date that gets missed.

As a result, WordPress site owners should create an accurate, dependable system for recurring reservations.

To manage all of your bookings, for instance, you can install a WordPress booking plugin. By doing this, you can immediately update your Google Calendar and the calendars of your clients with all the information on your booking availability.

Amelia – The best WordPress booking plugin

Amelia is a potent WordPress booking plugin that seamlessly integrates with all types of WordPress websites. It includes a simple yet effective interface for scheduling appointments that are intended to streamline productivity, automate tedious operations, and make scheduling appointments for your clients simple.

To ensure that no one forgets to make an appointment, you can even set up email and SMS notifications.

With this WordPress plugin, the entire user interaction only requires a few clicks to make an appointment. Additionally, it has payment processors like PayPal and Stripe, which are ideal for people who wish to pay in advance to make WooCommerce appointment bookings.

WooCommerce Bookings

This WordPress booking plugin can be quite useful for all websites that utilize WooCommerce as their primary shopping cart. Install the useful add-on to increase the size of your availability tab. The booking plugin can then be used by visitors to fill booking slots.

Additionally, this official plugin is quite adaptable. Bookings are made easier for companies of all sizes and shape thanks to their clever design. Additionally, even for in-person coaching services, it’s a fantastic option. It can also be useful for fitness instructors.

WooCommerce Bookings has a free version, but it has very few features. The annual cost of the paid editions starts at $249, and you must set aside $449 for up to 25 sites. As a result, this tool is not inexpensive, but it does include a generous 30-day money-back guarantee term.

YITH Booking an Appointment for WooCommerce

Another professional-level add-on for your WooCommerce store is this one. With it, you can quickly install it and streamline the entire booking process. As a result, it is a favourite of both customers and suppliers.

It is possible to customize YITH to your availability criteria and it supports a variety of services kinds. Create a booking page that displays all necessary information quickly. Additionally, you can focus your search on a certain service using the advanced search box that is included. Next, check the booking calendar to determine how long any reservations will last.

The annual fee of the YITH plugin for one site is $179. However, the agreement also includes ongoing assistance and timely updates. This WooCommerce booking plugin consequently provides exceptional value for the money.

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PluginHive’s WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

With its wealth of clever features, PluginHive streamlines the entire WooCommerce appointment process. As a result, you can easily fill your calendar with any bookable item. The cost of the reservation can then be checked against some variables. For instance, PluginHive takes into account both the quantity and kind of extra services offered.

After that, you can carefully control each slot. The number of reservations you permit in a slot can be set, and they can be measured by a time unit. Enter their duration in minutes, hours, or days as a result. Additionally, let users know how far in advance they can cancel reservations.

The original PluginHives plan supports up to 25 sites. You may, however, choose the $99 package, which is good for just one domain.


This well-liked plugin offers cutting-edge techniques for streamlining your appointment and booking process. It is a flexible tool that may be used by many kinds of enterprises. Numerous hotels, businesses, and even dancing teachers use Booknetic these days.

Additionally, the software is completely customizable, allowing for a customized touch. As a result, you can develop new booking forms and improve the client experience as a whole. For that purpose, you can also send discounts and other promotional materials using a unique method.

For SMS reservations, WooCommerce businesses can utilize Bootnetic and connect it with Google Calendar. Additionally, the plugin accepts a wide range of payment methods. You can utilize any of your PayPal, Mollie, and Stripe accounts, for instance. You can use all of Booknetic’s sophisticated features, including the Divi Page Builder, in either case.

There are so two variations of the WooCommerce appointment plugin. You must budget $79 for the standard edition. The expert SaaS version, meanwhile, costs $489.


For most firms, automating the online reservation process may be a game-changer. Additionally, it’s a terrific technique to do rid of the possibility of human error. As a result, business owners can relax knowing that they can concentrate on the other issues they face every day. These days, numerous well-liked WooCommerce plugins substantially streamline this process.

Make sure to check which pain points a product best addresses before choosing it. For instance, not all plugins provide an SMS-based auto-alert system. Decide how many areas you need help with first by speaking with your team. Create a list of potential applicants after specifically searching for certain characteristics. Finally, you can arrange the plugins according to their individual asking prices.

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