What You Need to Know About The Orthodontic Treatment?

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Do you feel displeased with the appearance of your teeth? Are you feeling unattractive because of the flaws in your teeth? Orthodontic bonding might be the long-awaited solution to your teeth’s imperfections in just one day. In this post, we will be discussing essential information about Invisalign clear braces, including its benefits, so that you can better understand the treatment.

What is orthodontic bonding?

This is an orthodontic treatment in which a resin material that aligns with your teeth’s natural shade is used. Just as the name suggests, the orthodontist places the resin directly on your tooth until it bonds completely. To ensure that the resin dries out, we’ll use UV light to solidify the cosmetic material with the patient’s enamel.

What are the benefits?

Comparatively inexpensive

In relation to other orthodontic treatment and cosmetic options, the costs of orthodontic bonding are more affordable. How much you’ll spend largely depends on how many of your teeth need to undergo the treatment. Also, it’s a simple and easy procedure that doesn’t require multiple dental appointments. Therefore, this helps you save more money and time from the visits to the dental clinic.

Conceals tooth flaws

Orthodontic bonding can resolve a plethora of orthodontic problems that are common to the majority of patients. It’s also a great way to hide minor cracks and chips caused by injuries or accidents. You may also use the treatment for teeth discolouration caused by smoking and consuming certain foods. You can also continue bonding your front teeth to restore certain parts in your teeth that have decayed. Finally, you can use the procedure to reshape your tooth’s structure to produce a better angular shape of your tooth.

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An improved alternative to amalgam fillings

The treatment makes use of composite resin that provides strength and durability to any compromised tooth. The composite resin, compared to silver amalgam fillings, matches well with your natural teeth. Silver amalgam possesses a particular colour that makes it very conspicuous when applied to your tooth.

Requires one appointment

Although orthodontic bonding costs are less expensive, the procedure is entirely safe and pain-free. Our orthodontist will apply a chemical substance that will roughen your teeth. This will allow the gum bonding material to adhere to it better. The orthodontist then applies the composite bonding resin in layers, based on the necessary thickness to treat your tooth. A cosmetic orthodontist will also mould the resin carefully while it is still soft before applying ultraviolet light to bond it.

How can I make it last?

Although veneers will typically last longer than composite resin bonding, you can still use your composite resin bonding treatment for about 10 years. To do this, you need to learn how to take proper care of your teeth. Do not eat hard foods like ice cubes and candies. 

It would help if you also kept in mind not to engage in unsightly oral practices such as teeth grinding and chewing on solid objects such as pens. Note that the composite bonding is not as strong as your normal teeth. So there is a chance of slowly thinning out the composite resin if you grind your teeth during your sleep. Therefore, making it susceptible to cracks and chips.

Tooth bonding treatments enhance the smile. It is, however, essential to constantly protect your bonded tooth from any damage now and then. We always advise that you observe ideal oral hygiene so that the money you spent on your orthodontic bonding treatment will not be a waste. We would also recommend that you visit our dentist at Dental Clinic London regularly to keep your oral health healthy. We strongly advise that you take adequate care of your teeth if you want a smile that will be envied by others.

Would you like to ask us any further questions that may not have been covered in this post? or do you want to book a dental appointment with Dental Clinic London for the best Invisalign treatment in London? Then do not hesitate to give us a call right away!

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