What Should I Look for When Buying A Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

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Everybody should have a Bluetooth portable speaker as they’re convenient, compact and great sounding. These portable speakers are great for listening to music while you work or opt for sony speakers, which can be used for special occasions like house parties, birthday parties, or pool parties. You can also use them for watching movies on your computer with robust sound quality. Let’s take a closer look at some factors that you need to be aware of before buying a Bluetooth portable speaker:

Portable Speaker Size

The latest portable speakers come in various sizes. Some portable speakers are as small as your palm, while others can be bigger than a desktop CPU, such as the sony speakers. It is important to note that large portable speakers for TVs or outdoor parties might have Bluetooth functionality, but they might not be very compact. There are affordable portable speakers that you can carry around in your pocket, as cheap as Rs. 1,500. 

The larger speakers can be used as home entertainment systems or special occasions such as birthday parties or pool parties. The portable speakers from reputed brands can produce as much power as desktop speakers, with a maximum output of 20-40W. These are great as an accompaniment speaker for a computer, laptop, or small television. Most Bluetooth portable speakers are louder than modern TVs. The sony speakers with superior features and larger batteries is one of the most powerful portable speakers you can get on the market. 

Portable Speaker Audio quality

As with most audio products, quality is the key. Bluetooth portable speakers are fine for enjoying podcasts and light music. But, if you’re very picky about sound quality, consider purchasing portable speaker models with larger drivers. While they may be bulkier and heavier but they deliver excellent sound quality. Some of these speakers sound amazing as the bass and mids are better with beefier speakers such as the sony speakers. Do not go too heavy on the weight or size, as this could defeat the purpose of a portable speaker.

Portable Speaker with Battery Capacity

There are many devices that we need to charge regularly. This includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops and earbuds. When we are travelling, the last thing we want is to recharge a portable speaker. A Bluetooth speaker with a smaller battery should last for about a week under normal usage. A single charge can keep the larger portable speakers going for 24 hours. Even though most of us don’t plan to listen to music 24/7, the larger speakers can be charged once, and they can retain the charge for a week or two.

Support for NFC and the new Bluetooth standard

All Bluetooth speakers can be used with Bluetooth, as it is in their name. However, some Bluetooth speakers are also compatible with NFC (Near-Field Communication). You can pair two portable speakers by tapping their respective buttons. If you have an NFC-enabled smartphone, place it next to the Bluetooth speaker to pair them. Bluetooth comes in a few different standard formats, including the most recent being 5.1, which is the most efficient and advanced version. Portable speakers with 5.1 Bluetooth has better performance and use less battery power.

Whether you intend to purchase a sony speakers or a small portable speaker, these suggestions mentioned above will help you to pick an excellent Bluetooth speaker for your needs. 

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