What is the Best Time to Perform Umrah for UK Residents?

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Umrah is, in fact, a spiritual journey that every Muslim brother and sister has long desired. Aside from Hajj days, this journey of faith has no temporal constraints throughout the year. Every Muslim must perform the Hajj no less than once in their lifetime. According to Allah Almighty, Muslims who are unable to afford Hajj financially or physically are not required to participate. Umrah is an even more simple form of prayer or pilgrimage than Hajj.

Since a pilgrim conducts only four rites throughout Umrah. The Hajj consists of 12 ceremonies and lasts four to five days. As a result, it provides an excellent opportunity for Muslims who are unable to undertake Hajj both financially and physically. Make sure to get the best and most appropriate UK Umrah package option, since the package that you choose matters a lot.

In Which Month May You Perform Umrah?

The beautiful thing about Umrah is that you can participate at any time of year (except for Hajj). We’ve highlighted some of the advantages (and drawbacks) of travelling at several seasons of the year, beginning with the most fortunate and ethical month – Ramadan:


It’s reasonable to assume that Umrah completed during Ramadan is the most beneficial of the year, and that’s why it’s our top option. If you’re looking for greater hasanat from your Lord, Ramadan is the perfect season because rewards are plentiful for believers. Ramadan often ranks high on the pilgrim-o-meter because pilgrims from all over the globe are interested in participating in the rewards of this month. Blessed days of fasting, preceding blessed nights of taraweeh (and finally, the recompense of Hajj without needing to complete it!) You can devour your cake (after iftar, of course).


Many pilgrims choose to book Umrah around the spring months when temperatures are neither blistering hot nor cold. Spring is one of the ideal periods to conduct Umrah, especially for those who might be surprised by the searing heat of the desert. Makkah is alive with pilgrims united in adoration of their Lord. This metropolis is the epitome of never-ending activity. There is, of obviously, a minor disadvantage if you choose a less busy time.


From June to August, temperatures are exceedingly hot. Like spring, these months aren’t as busy for pilgrims, with the added benefit of lower Umrah package pricing. If you want to avoid pilgrim traffic, these months are ideal for booking flights & finding the perfect Umrah package.


Autumn, which lasts from September to November, may become fairly sultry, with little rain. These months rank low on the pilgrim-o-meter since there might be fewer people scheduling, which is also helpful because prices are reduced.


Although the hustle and bustle of Hajj has subsided in Dhul-Hijjah, a lot of pilgrims seek consolation in completing Umrah throughout the winter. Outside of Ramadan, one of the greatest seasons for Umrah is winter, which offers pleasant weather while ranking low on the pilgrim-o-meter. Furthermore, if you have scheduled Umrah with your family, now is an excellent time to plan vacations and excursions with them. From December, the median temperature in Makkah is 31°C, whereas Madinah fluctuates between 24 and 25°C.

Can You Do Umrah At Any Time?

We know that Umrah doesn’t have a set time for performance, but Hajj is limited to the month of Dhul-Hijjah. There are going to be more fulfilling seasons of the year (such as Ramadan), busier (or quieter) times, along more expensive (or inexpensive) packages, but choosing the best time for Umrah is up to you.

How Much Does Umrah Cost, On Average?

Umrah packages can be obtained throughout the year, therefore pricing is going to differ based on the month you book.

Issuing Umrah E Visa

The Hajj and Umrah Ministry has launched an e-visa programme in 49 countries. The term “e-visa” refers to an electronic visa. This new visa system has replaced the previous structure, which was dependent on paperwork. It was a rule wherein candidates could not immediately submit their Umraah applications to the Saudi Embassy or Consulate. Citizens of eligible countries can obtain visas online without visiting a travel agent. It is possible since Umraah travellers number in the millions rather than the thousands. Umrah visas are only valid for 15 days, beginning on the granting date.

Final Words

Islam teaches a fantastic lesson about brotherhood and solidarity. Hajj and Umraah are two excellent examples of togetherness and brotherhood. We ought to perform Umraah whenever possible since it is the most effective way to rid ourselves of sin and poverty. Never purposefully avoid Umraah since it is a Sunah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Muhammad (PBUH) did four Umrahs and one Hajj.

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