What Are the Most Popular Milkshake Toppings?

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Gourmet Popcorn Flavors: 

When it comes to adding style to your milkshake toppings, fancy popcorn tastes are hard to beat. Imagine a thick, smooth shake with caramel corn on top to add a sweet crunch. It’s a match made in sweet heaven! Signature BlendsTM candy glaze popcorn will take things to a whole new level, letting you do a lot of different things. You can make a party with a birthday cake theme by using birthday cake-flavored popcorn or fruity types like blueberry or cherry. You can think of a lot of beautiful ways to use this filling. When whipping up gourmet milkshakes, a Taylor milkshake machine becomes an essential tool, ensuring a smooth and velvety blend of ingredients.

Funnel Cakes: 

Imagine having the memories of the fair mixed into your drink. Here come funnel cakes, those tasty treats that everyone loves from fairs that can really steal the show on your dessert menu. If you have a small funnel cake, Funnel Swirls®, or Funnel FingersTM, these golden treats are the perfect way to top it off. Add some cherry or apple milkshake toppings for an extra dose of luxury. This will make a carnival-themed beauty that will have people waiting in line for more beacause taste and hygiene matters.


Most likely, you have a waffle cone maker with you when you’re getting ice cream. Now is the time to use it! To make a unicorn milkshake toppings, flip that cone over so it looks like a fun horn. You could also make a breakfast-themed treat by combining tiny waffles with donuts.

A delicious waffle topped with milkshake toppings and garnished with fresh mint leaves

Use your imagination when making flavors, like red velvet or the strange mix of maple and bacon. Waffles, whether as an upside-down cone or paired with miniature versions, transform into charming milkshake toppings with the assistance of a Taylor milkshake machine.

Caramel or Candy: 

Your milkshake toppings will taste deliciously fair if you add caramel or sweet apples to them. Your taste buds will tingle with every sip of a caramel apple milkshake, which has a delightful balance of tartness and sweetness. Consider arranging apple slices wrapped in caramel around the glass’s rim to improve presentation. For an extra special touch, add some frosting to the edges of the candy apples and decorate them with some delicious cinnamon-flavored candies and bright red sprinkles.

Cotton Candy: 

Add some fun to your drink by going into the magical world of cotton candy. The airy pink and blue cotton candy can turn your shake into a work of art that looks like a unicorn. But why end it there? Check out the different Flossugar tastes. 

Chocolate Syrup:

Chocolate syrup is without a doubt the most indulgent of all the standard milkshake toppings. It adds a symphony of flavors to a simple mix of ice cream and milk. Its creamy richness and shiny texture make it the perfect ending touch for any shake. As beautiful as chocolate syrup is, it can be used in many ways. It can be poured over a pile of whipped cream or rolled around the edge of a glass to add a touch of decadence that looks good and tastes good. Strawberry syrup, delivering a burst of berry bliss, is skillfully incorporated into milkshake toppings with the precision and finesse of a Taylor milkshake machine.

Strawberry Syrup: 

Strawberry syrup adds a burst of sweetness to the shake that goes well with the creaminess, whether it’s poured over a vanilla base or carefully layered with strawberry ice cream. Each drop has the spirit of ripe strawberries in it, making a medley of tastes that takes the drinker to strawberry fields in the sun. Strawberry sauce isn’t just an addition; every sip is a celebration of summer, which is why milkshake toppings fans love it so much.


Fudge is the hidden hero of milkshake toppings; it gives a burst of flavor a delicious base. Imagine adding bite-sized pieces of twisted mint chocolate fudge to a mint chocolate shake to make it look absolutely stunning. S’mores fudge, with tiny marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham cracker bits, is a fun taste mix that you can try. If you want a standard treat that will never go out of style, mix pieces of peanut butter fudge with chocolate fudge.

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