Useful Cleaning Tips to Extend Life of Your Pillows

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We all want to get a respectable night time’s sleep after a complete day of work, homeschooling, and cooking. It looks so best to just put our heads on our pillows, however how spotless are they? Our pillows collect all kinds of debris, including body oil, dead skin cells, along hair, to mention a few. Sleep specialists recommend replacing your pillow every one or two years. Nevertheless, you can extend its life! With proper upkeep & items like a king size pillow protector.

What You Need To Wash Pillows

While the right way to wash pillows varies depending on whether they are foam or feather pillows, here are a few of the necessary components for any pillow kind.

  • Gentle laundry detergent: Laundry detergent sheets provide an efficient, fabric-friendly, and skin-sensitive clean.
  • For spot cleaning: use a soft-bristled brush & spot remover.
  • For organic stain removal: use a spot remedy that combines white vinegar or a natural dish detergent with baking soda.
  • Dryer Balls: Use dryer balls or clean tennis balls for even dispersion of fluff in the dryer.
  • A huge container for hand-washing: A newly sanitised bathtub is another feasible solution.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you prolong the life of your pillow: 

Use A Pillow Protector Case

A pillow protector case can help prolong the life of your cushion. Wash the protection at least once every two weeks. Certain protectors, such as those employed to avoid bedbugs, are more fragile than others and should be dried with extreme caution.

Clean Your Pillow Every Six Months

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wash foam pillows. To prevent these mistakes, follow the label directions carefully. Warm water is suggested.

Fluff Daily

To keep your pillows in shape, fluff or toss them with dryer balls and let them air dry every day.

Regularly Air Out Your Pillows

To keep your pillows fresh, take them outside and let them dry in the sun. Thoroughly hammering them will assist in eliminating any collected dust. Individuals with allergies might want to wash their pillows more frequently.

Check The Support

Keep in consideration that even if you wash your pillow while maintaining it in good circumstances, it will eventually begin to lose its firmness, and this is due to age rather than cleanliness.

When Will You Need A New One?

If it’s foam, check the way it feels while making sure no pieces break or fall off the cushion.  If it is down, determine how excellent or poor the support is. You can fold them in half; if they flatten and return to their former shape, you’re fine. If it remains folded, it is time to get a new one. 

Follow The Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Please read the manufacturer’s care instructions. Memory foam pillows might come with special cleaning instructions that you ought to comply with to avoid harming the substance.

Spot Clean As Needed

Wipe clean any spills or stains on your memory foam pillow with a moderate detergent and water solution. Blot the afflicted area with a soft cloth & allow it to air dry completely before reusing it.

Gentle Handwashing

If your memory foam pillow is washable, fill a basin with lukewarm water & mild detergent. Carefully soak the pillow, pressing it down to enable the detergent to enter. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze off the excess water. Allow to dry thoroughly before using.

Avoid Complete Submersion

Never completely submerge your memory foam cushion in water or wash it by machine it. Water may penetrate the foam and cause mould or harm, compromising its stability and comfort.

Sunlight And Air Exposure

At regular intervals, allow your memory foam cushion to breathe. Place it outside in a well-ventilated area where fresh air and sunlight may organically disinfect and rejuvenate the foam.

Rotate & Flip

Similar to conventional mattresses, rotating and flipping your memory foam pillow assists in dispersing the wear lightly. Try to do that every month to avoid improper flattening.

Replace As Needed

Even with adequate care, memory foam pillows possess a life expectancy. If you realise that your pillow is outdated in giving the same level of comfort and assistance, it may be time to replace it.

Final Words

Following these recommendations will help you hold the first-class lifespan of your reminiscence foam pillow, permitting you to take advantage of the blessings of an excellent night’s sleep for decades in a while. Prioritise precise care, and your pillow will provide you with comfort and support.

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