How to Keep 100% Battery Health on a Used iPhones 13 Pro Max

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The overtime and battery health of your used iPhone will diminish. With time if you’ve held it for a long time. This isn’t restricted solely to iPhones, but this is a problem that any used mobile encounters over time. Many of my close friends and family members who have acquired an iPhone have this query. “How can they keep the battery of their used iPhone 13 Pro Max at 100% health?”

Now, you may be asking, “A used iPhone 13 Pro Max at 100% battery health? You’ve got to be joking?”. Actually, there are certain unusual occasions when you may acquire an used mobile phone with roughly 100% of battery health. Those phones are either reconditioned or haven’t been used previously. They haven’t gone through any battery deterioration.

This is a problem that you might possibly slow down greatly if you’re being diligent and observant. There are quite a few methods by which you do so. Today, I’m going through a couple of them that assist you extend the battery health of the iPhone greatly. Therefore, these are the subjects that we’ll go through in this essay.

  • Important steps to take for your used iPhone 13 Pro Max battery
  • Example through personal experience

With that said, let’s start by going over the steps that you came here for.

Important Steps to Take for Your Used iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery

A couple things that I want to make clear about the things that I’m going to speak about is that all of these things are relevant to all sorts of phones. I now possess an used iPhone 12 Pro that I acquired through Wise Market. I’ve been able to preserve the battery health of the phone. I’ll go through everything in great detail later on.

You may also employ this procedure on many sorts of used mobile phones and not simply on a used iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is because practically all sorts of mobiles have a similar battery type which functions utilizing the same fundamental idea. By following key actions (depending on the state of your phone’s battery), you may prolong it and use the phone for much longer.

So, I’ll complete our brief discussion and start going through the procedures that you need to follow to preserve the battery of the phone at 100% health (or slow down the process as much as possible) (or slow down the process as much as possible).

1. Don’t Let It Completely Discharge used iphone 13 pro max

The very first thing you need to avoid is discharging the old iPhone 13 Pro Max or any other phone fully. By entirely, I do mean at 0%, but the major aim of this is to avoid the battery from reaching an extreme state where the phone needs to try its best to last the battery as long as possible.

That’s why it’s suggested that you strive to maintain your phone above 20% or 30% since it will avoid the phone from reaching a crucial point. If you possess an used phone with battery health at around 80% battery health, then this is a step that you’ll absolutely need to do.

2. Don’t Let It Fully Charge to 100%

Speaking about harsh circumstances, the next thing that has to be avoided is charging the used iPhone 13 Pro Max entirely at 100%. Even though the technology employed in all of the current smartphones is so fantastic that you won’t have to worry about overcharging the phone. However, much like entirely draining, fully charging a battery is also an extreme scenario that may cause the battery to deteriorate considerably quicker.

The typical rule of thumb is merely to charge the phone about 80-85%. Any more may result in the battery’s health decreasing. One additional thing that I would like to mention is to watch your charge cycles. A charge cycle happens when a phone has been drained and recharged. Apple maintains that its iPhones are good for 500 cycles which decreases the battery to 80% battery health. After that, you would either have to replace the battery or use the phone as it is with a fastly depleting battery.

3. Use Apple-Certified Chargers

The second tip that you should follow is to only use Apple-certified chargers. I know, I know! Apple is definitely poking our buttons by not just omitting chargers but also demanding us pay more for them. However, if you want to retain the battery of your used or refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max, then the only alternative is to utilize Apple-certified chargers.

There are few exceptions to this if you use a well-reputed company’s charger, but why take the risk? Speaking of chargers, I don’t suggest that you use wireless chargers since they may needlessly heat up the phone and strain the battery.

4. Optimized Battery Charging

There is a function in iPhones that you may utilize to prolong the life of the gadget. This is called optimal battery charging, you can learn when you use the gadget and then charge the phone appropriately.

Example Through Personal Experience

As I said before, I bought a used iPhone 12 Pro a few months back. It came with about 97% battery health, and all the steps that I mentioned above are the same ones that I implemented myself. Even after 4 months of continuous usage, the phone is still at 97% battery health.

I consider myself lucky that I got such an amazing phone with only 3% of battery degradation. The phone that I got from Wise Market Pakistan was in amazing physical condition. After that, I also bought an Apple Air Pods Pro MagSafe from the same store, and when I used it with the 12 Pro, the experience that I got was unrivalled.

They have tons of amazing smart devices that I’m sure you’ll like. So, don’t forget to check them out.

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