Tricks for Breaking in Your New Leather Jacket

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New Leather Jacket

Have you got a new leather jacket lately but facing difficulty breathing comfortably in it? Does it feel itchy and rigid? Well, all the first-timers who have their hands on a leather jacket must know that this is precisely what a genuine leather jacket feels like at first. So, to be precise, this is a good thing, because it indicates that your new leather jacket is simple. 

We know how hard it could be to have an excellent-looking leather jacket, but you can’t wear it because of its rigidness and stiffness. But you know what, the only way to break in your new leather jacket is to wear it as much as possible. 

For decades, leather jackets have continuously evolved, and today, we have a vast variety of leather jackets for both men and women. Blade Runner 2049 Jacket is the online clothing brand with the best leather jackets; go check them out. 

Here, in this detailed article, we will be discussing some easy tricks that will speed up the process of making your jacket comfortable to wear. Break in your new leather jacket and cherish the eye-catching look you’ve always dreamt of. 

1. Know what type of leather jacket you have

The first thing you need to know is the type of leather jacket you have. Genuine leather jackets are constructed from different animal hides with other characteristics. For instance, leather jackets constructed from cowhide ought to be durable and rugged, making them harder to break compared to sensitive leathers such as lambskin. 

2. Wear your leather jacket as much as you can

The fastest way to break in your leather jacket is to wear it as much as possible. You can wear your leather jacket all day long for running errands, going out with friends, or even just chilling at your friend’s place for a movie night. The more you wear it, the quicker you can break into your new leather jacket. By wearing your leather jacket and moving around, you can stretch your jacket, which will help break the leather materials. So, instead of just hanging your leather jacket in your closet after you return from work, wear it and speed up the process of breaking in your jacket. 

3. Roll up your leather jacket gently

Next, you can try rolling up your leather jacket, as it is one of the most famous tricks bikers have used over the years to break in their leather jackets. This exercise will not only help you in breaking into your leather jacket soon, but it will also increase its flexibility. All you have to do is roll up the jacket slowly and keep doing it until it looks like a ball. Then, unroll the jacket. Repeat this exercise for about ten minutes. Every time you do this roll-up exercise, your leather jacket will loosen up, and you’ll witness creases and wrinkles on it that’ll add flexibility.

4. Condition your leather jacket

Leather conditions have always been a great way to keep your leather jackets moisturized and hydrated. You can condition your new leather jacket to break into it easily. It can do wonders to your jacket. Not only will conditioners loosen up your new leather jacket and add flexibility to it, but they will also extend the life of the leather. You can also keep your leather jacket secure from rain, cold temperatures, and weather conditions by conditioning your leather jacket.

5. Check out the manufacturer’s instructions

Lastly, you must always check the manufacturer’s instructions when you purchase a new leather jacket. Every manufacturer has a different set of instructions to break into the jacket easily, including the care procedure.


A good leather jacket is not just a purchase that you make; it’s an investment of a lifetime. If you’ve got your hands on your new leather jacket, and are feeling itchy to wear, then be glad because you’ve invested in the right thing. Try out the tricks mentioned above on your new leather jacket, and soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy your leather jacket. 

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