Top 5 Pre-Primary Schools in Mumbai

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It is common for parents to spend time and effort to search the best pre-primary schools for their children. Parents choose safe school systems that offer the optimal opportunity for kids to grow and learn. That is why they seek out schools with high test scores and positive student-teacher and parent relationships. Seeking a high-quality school is essential, and if you have small kids at home, building a solid foundation for excellent education starts with the best preschools in Mumbai

Features of good preschools 

If you are searching for the best pre-primary schools, you will come across many options that you will need clarification on. When you find the right preschool environment, your kids will be exposed to many elements that enhance creativity. Boost social skills and build roots for a bright future. Before finalizing the best preschools for kids, parents should know the top features of any high-quality preschools: 

  • A good quality preschool always offers quality classrooms; thus, look for schools with a low student-teacher ratio and ask about teachers’ credentials, years of experience, and qualities that make them exceptional at their jobs. 
  • Outstanding preschools in Mumbai provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can figure things out without fear of judgment.  
  • Best preschools understand how to integrate fun with the learning process that fosters development at age-appropriate levels. 
  • Good pre-primary schools understand the imperative nature of building solid relationships between teachers and parents. These preschools employ teachers who encourage active engagement in the learning process and recognize every kid’s unique pattern for growth and development. 

Top 5 preschools in Mumbai 

  1. Kohinoor Blossoms 
    Kohinoor blossoms are among the best Mumbai preschools offering a team of passionate and dedicated educationists. The school has state-of-the-art infrastructure that is a warm and welcoming appeal. The enthusiastic team of teachers at the school infuses a positive vibe that makes children comfortable as if they are at home. The school is known to provide quality education at par with international standards rooted in a rich and diverse culture. 

  2. Happy Minds 

Happy minds are among the Pre-primary schools and daycare designed using the highest international standards to meet the requirements of parents. The school ensures the best education for kids along with the best diet and best care. The school is known for its highest child-attendant ratio and accelerated learning. It follows the superior standard of hygiene and complete transparency with parents. The school offers not only healthy meals but also impeccable security to kids. 

  • Podar Jumbo Kids 

It is among the best preschools in Mumbai that follows the KIDUCATION curriculum that ensures the activities and learning that kids are exposed to at their age are relevant. The kids here develop appropriately, culturally specific, and hands-on. The school ensures that the curriculum has three elements hand, heart, and head, which means hand stimulation, heart nurturing, and head thinking. The school also offers many facilities and corporate tie-ups. 

  • Euro Kids 

Euro kids have become a trusted brand over many years and have more than 60 centers across Mumbai. The school offers international standards, a 360-degree learning experience, and total health and hygiene care. It offers many activities to children in the EUNOIA curriculum, like an exclusive buddy mobile app for staying connected. It is among the best pre-primary schools for little kids.

  • West Wind School

West wind school was founded in 1947 that provides programs for playgroups, nursery LKG and UKG. The school’s curriculum continues to encompass not only formal academic training but also various activities like music, Hindi, exercise, art, craft, yoga, etc. The school is well known for its quality of education and is counted among the best preschools in Mumbai

Now you can end your search for a great preschool, above listed five best preschools in Mumbai are the best for your kids. The above-listed schools use state-of-the-art teaching methods amidst endless learning opportunities.

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