Migration skill Assessment booklet for Engineers Australia 2022.

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Migration skill Assessment booklet for Engineers Australia 2022.

Are you planning to migrate and work in Australia as a qualified engineer? If you just answered yes, you must be familiar with the Engineers Australia migration skill Assessment (MSA) booklet. Migration skill assessment is a test used to evaluate the competencies of an engineer such as skills, qualifications, abilities and many more.

To migrate and work in Australia, applicants have to pass the test of skill assessment conducted by Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia, a skill-assessing authority, is in charge to determine if the candidates’ competencies meet Australian job requirements.

Therefore, to know more about it, let’s talk about the Migration skill assessment booklet for Engineers Australia.

What is the MSA booklet?

The migration skills Assessment booklet, commonly known as the MSA booklet, covers all the information required for the assessment test. Engineers Australia is a responsible authority to update the Migration skill assessment booklet, which provides you with a detailed understanding of the procedure.

The following are the four sections of the MSA booklet for Engineers Australia:

  • Section A

This section explains how the skill assessment process is taken by the skill-assessing authority starting with the details of fee, requirements, online procedure, method of evaluation and the assessment’s outcome.

  • Section B

In this section, all the essential details are illustrated for the candidates to choose the pathway for the skill assessment

  • Section C

This section provides essential information on how to write an error-free CDR report for Engineers Australia. It also covers examples of summary statements for each of the EA-categorised occupations with comprehensive information about the competencies of these occupational categories.

  • Section D

In this section, the details of additional assessment services are described.

Pathways for the migration Skills Assessment booklet

Engineers Australia offers five pathways for migration skill assessment to the applicants based on their qualifications namely,

  • Accredited Qualification
  • Washington Accord Qualifications
  • Dublin Accord Qualifications
  • Sydney Accord Qualification
  • Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

The migration skills assessment booklet provides information for choosing the correct pathway. However, the qualifications that decide which skill assessment pathway the candidate should apply are categorised into Accredited Qualifications and Non-Accredited Qualifications.

The candidates with the qualifications that have been accredited to Engineers Australia mentioned accords come under the category of Accredited qualification. However, applicants with qualifications that are not authorised by Engineers Australia are categorised in the non-accredited qualifications. So, applicants with non-Accredited qualifications must undergo the competency Demonstration Report assessment process.

As per the migration skill Assessment booklet, here are a few points you should keep in mind while producing a CDR report for Engineers Australia.

Components of Engineers Australia CDR Report

  • Personal Information
  • Application Information
  • Educational Background
  • Details About Previous skilled employment

Let’s dive into each component of the Engineers Australia CDR Report.

  1. Personal Information

This section contains personal details such as your passport bio-data pages, prime id, resume or curriculum vitae, name change documents and English language test evidence.

  • Application Information

This includes information about the occupation that you want to apply for evaluation. Remember, the nomination must be listed in the ANZSCO code occupation.

  • Educational Background

The applicants should provide their qualification credentials through transcripts, certificates, and other evidence documents of enrollment.

  • Details About Previous skilled employment

The applicants must supply evidence of their previous work experience. Those who have composed career episodes based on their professional experience must provide a reference letter illustrating the job title and employment period. In addition, you need to submit documentary evidence that supports your employment duration such as government reports of income tax returns and many more. Also, you can get best CDR Guidelines from professionals for your CDR report.

CDR Report

The migration skill Assessment booklet provides detailed information about the format of a CDR report. The competency Demonstration report primarily comprises three sections namely, three career episodes, a Summary statement and continuing professional Development (CPD). You can also get the CDR report length from this article.

Let’s further discuss three sections of the CDR Report in detail.

Career Episode

Career episode report permits an engineer to demonstrate how they are applying their skills and knowledge in their job. The applicants have to produce three career episodes and each career episode must focus on how you applied your engineering competencies to the nominated occupation.

Summary statement

As the name suggests, the summary statement is a summation of three career episodes. In a summary statement, candidates present an overall analysis of the episodes about the occupation competencies they have chosen. The migration skill assessment booklet covers the format of a successful summary statement. You can check the MSA booklet 2022 for more details about the Summary Statement Report.

Continuing Professional Development

CPD programs are made to keep up-to-date with the recent happenings in engineering. CPD report is evidence of how you kept yourself updated with the recent development in engineering. CPD programs can be workshops, seminars, training, conferences and many more. Next, the length of the CPD listing should not exceed one A4 size page.

So, are you struggling to write your CDR report? Worry less! The migration skill assessment booklet can guide you through composing a successful CDR report. Furthermore, if you face any problem regarding CDR report preparation, you can contact cdrforengineer.com.

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