Maximize Your Real Estate Sales: Master 20 Effective Cold Calling Scripts

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The real estate industry uses cold calling as a way to reach potential clients. During a cold call, agents call someone they don’t know and ask if they’re interested in buying or selling a property. While it may seem simple, it’s actually important to have a well-crafted script to make the call successful. Some real estate companies even hire outside help to make sure their calls are effective. The key to successful cold calling in real estate is to have a friendly and informative approach. Here are some essential cold calling scripts for real estate agents to master in order to close deals and be successful in sales.

Cold Calling Techniques for Real Estate Agents: Examples and Scripts

When you’re a real estate agent, you might use cold calling as a marketing tool to find potential leads. This means you’ll be calling people you don’t know to ask if they’re interested in buying or selling property. This task may seem simple, but it actually involves using effective scripts to persuade people to work with you.

Some real estate companies even hire outside services to help with communication with customers. The goal of cold-calling scripts is to be friendly and informative. To be a great salesperson, here are five cold-calling scripts that real estate agents should master.

Introducing Yourself as a Realtor: Start by introducing yourself. Your goal is to show that you’re an expert in the field and the best person to help them. A weak introduction can hurt your credibility, so make sure your introduction is appealing, interesting, persuasive, and informative.

Example script: “Hello! I hope you’re having a great day. I’m a realtor and I’m here to help you with your home search. My goal is to make the home-buying process easy and stress-free for you.”Please feel free to contact me at [Phone Number] for any questions. I look forward to speaking with you soon!”

Pitching Your Services:
“Ensure you are fully informed about the property you’re selling before promoting your services.” Be transparent about the benefits and drawbacks of investing in it. This shows the prospective client that you’re not just after the commission and helps build trust.

Example script: “I’m on a mission to help 20 people find their dream home by the end of the year. I would love for you to be one of them. Would you be open to talking about it with me at your earliest convenience?”

Script for Expired Listings: If a property listing has expired, there may have been an issue with the sales process. Don’t try to find faults, but get more information by asking relevant questions. This will help you determine if they’re open to listing the property again or if they’re interested in buying one.

Example script: “I’m calling about [Property Address], which recently came up as an expired listing. I was wondering if you would still be interested in listing it again. I have some ideas on how we can put it back on the market for a great price.”

Circle Prospecting Call Script: Circle prospecting is a technique where you reach out to people in a neighborhood where you recently made a sale. Since you have location-specific information, you can use it to attract buyers or encourage people to sell their property. Start by finding out if they’re interested in buying or selling.

Example script: “A few properties in your area were listed and sold for prices above the market average in just two weeks. I’d be happy to show you around and help you find a property within your budget. By the way, I also have buyers looking for properties in the area. Do you know anyone who might be interested in selling?”

Leveraging a Recent Sale:
Use this script to let people know about the real estate trends in their area. If you recently made a sale, use it as an opportunity to reach out to the neighborhood and encourage them to sell. Give them an idea of how much their property might sell for. If they’re considering selling their home, use this opportunity to help them see its potential.

Example script: “Did you know that I recently helped your neighbor, who lives just two blocks away, sell their home for [price]? That’s 30% more than the average market price for properties in the area. There’s a lot of interest in this area because of the

The FOMO Technique: The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) technique is a way to create a sense of urgency. It’s a marketing trick that makes customers think they need to act now so they don’t miss out on a good offer. However, if not done correctly, this technique can lead to negative tactics such as guilt manipulation or false promises. For example, a real estate agent might say: “Don’t miss the chance to buy this property for a discounted price before the end of the month. Only four out of ten properties are left and this could be the last deal we have this year.”

Becoming a Community Champion: If you’ve been a real estate agent in the same area for a long time, you can use that experience to build trust with local customers. By telling them how many years you’ve lived in the area and how many homeowners you’ve helped, you can show that you are the expert they need for real estate services. For example: “I helped some of your neighbors sell their properties in just a few weeks. A lot of people are interested in buying in your area because it’s perfect for both residential and commercial properties. Are you interested in selling your property as well?”

Engaging Internet Leads: If you have listings on the internet, you can use a real estate CRM (customer relationship management) software to track how long customers spend viewing your listings. This can help you target your leads based on customer engagement. If a customer is interested in one of your listings, you can use this information to have a more informed conversation with them. For example: “I noticed that you’re looking at our listings on the website. If you’re interested in one, I’d be happy to share more details and discuss how we can get that property for you at your desired price.

To-the-Point Cold Calling: Cold calling can be time-consuming because it requires building rapport with the customer through questions. Instead, you can reach out through email or a Google form to let the customer know what you want. Using a Google form allows you to easily categorize leads based on whether they’re interested or not. For example: “Our agency is looking for properties in your area. Are you planning to move soon or do you know someone who is selling a home?”

The Out-of-the-Blue Cold Calling: This is a basic cold-calling script for real estate agents. You simply introduce yourself as a real estate agent and ask if it’s a good time to talk. Even though it’s unexpected, the customer will have an idea of who you are and why you’re calling. If they’re not interested, you can end the call, but if they are, they’ll ask for more information or reschedule the call. For example: “Hi, this is [Name] from [Company]. I’m calling because we have buyers interested in properties in your area. Three of your neighbors are already in negotiations. Are you planning to sell your home as well?”

For Sale by Owner Script: Talking to sellers who haven’t used a real estate agent can be difficult for real estate agents. Some sellers believe they can sell their property without an agent, and might question the agent’s intentions and abilities. To overcome this, agents can share examples of successful sales they have made and how they can help. This type of script is best for sellers who have had an unsuccessful listing. Agents can also research the value of similar properties in the area and point out if the seller’s asking price is higher, which could be a reason why the property hasn’t sold yet. In the script, the agent can mention that they’ve seen the property listed for a certain amount of time and ask when would be a good time to take a look and bring in potential buyers.

Dangling the Carrot Script: This script can be used to generate leads when a buyer is interested but no one is selling in the desired area. Agents can present themselves as the right person to help the property owner sell their home, and make it appealing by mentioning that the buyer is willing to pay a good price. They can also offer to help the owner find a new property.

Voice Mail Script for Property Sales: Agents may not know if it’s worth leaving a voicemail when making cold calls. In this day and age, people only listen to voicemails if they are important, so there’s a better chance the message will reach the prospect. Agents should make the voicemail like a preview, with just the important and attractive information, such as their name, company, reason for the call, and a specific action for the prospect to take, like calling back. This action will serve as a reminder for the prospect to get back to the agent.

Script to Score Leads from Open Houses: Hosting an open house requires a lot of planning and advertising to reach potential buyers. However, getting leads on the day of the open house might be difficult, since buyers also need time to think. To turn leads from an open house into sales, agents should follow up at least 2 days after the event. They can ask for the buyer’s honest opinion of the property and if they are considering buying it. The feedback is valuable to the agent.

Promoting through Referrals:

One effective way to promote a product or service is by getting referrals from past customers. If a customer was happy with their experience, they may be willing to tell others about it and recommend your services as a real estate agent. Asking for feedback about your clients’ experience is important to ensure their satisfaction with your services.

Here’s a script you can use: “We value our past clients and believe they’re our best promoters. To reach more households, would you be willing to write a honest review for us to spread the word about our business?”

Script for Someone You Know: If you already have a relationship with a potential buyer or seller, that can be an advantage over other agents. However, just because you know them, it doesn’t mean they’ll want to use your services as a real estate agent. When you already know someone, your conversation can be more relaxed instead of being strictly business. You don’t have to mention right away that you’re an agent, but be honest about your intentions for reaching out.

Here’s a script you can use: “We met at [Party]. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I’m reaching out to my family and friends to see if they’re interested in selling or upgrading their properties. If now isn’t a good time for you, do you know anyone who might be interested in real estate services?”

Following Up: When you follow up with a client, make sure they understand that this is a follow-up from a previous conversation. If you have some information about the client, include it in your initial email to remind them that they don’t have to repeat themselves.

Here’s a script you can use: “It was great talking to you last [Date] about your property at [Address]. You mentioned that you’re interested in selling it for [Price]. I just wanted to check in and see if you’ve made a decision about selling your property. The market value for your property is currently high.”

Script for Probate Leads: If someone has recently inherited a property, they may be interested in selling it. Even if they inherited the property, they may still choose to sell it, especially if the property is old or no longer holds sentimental value. As an agent, you can present yourself as someone who can sell the property, no matter its value.

Here’s a script you can use: “I learned that you recently inherited a house. I was wondering if you’re thinking about selling it and finding a new property. I have a buyer who’s interested in properties like yours and I also know of other properties that match your preferences and budget.”

Script for Prospects Who Could Be Either Buyers or Sellers: When you have a list of potential clients, it can be hard to know if they’re interested in buying or selling a property. Asking them directly if they’re a buyer or seller can be awkward, especially if you’re not sure if they’re interested in real estate virtual assistant. Instead of asking directly, present them with what you can do as an agent.

Here’s a script you can use: “I helped one of your neighbors sell their property recently, and they bought another property through me. Would you consider buying or selling a property in the future? I can assist you with both.”

Script for Speaking with a Gatekeeper: A gatekeeper is a representative of your potential lead, like a secretary, executive assistant, receptionist, or office manager.Although they lack decision-making authority, they can facilitate call routing

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