Know the Google Algorithm Updates over the Decades

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Know the Google Algorithm Updates over the Decades

Are you in search of Google algorithm updates? Want to know the changes over the past 10 years? Then you are at the right platform; our assessment help team is here to assist you and solve all your doubts regarding this Google Algorithm Updates. 

Before knowing about the updates, we need to know what Google’s algorithm is actually. 

  • What do You Mean by Google Algorithm?

Google algorithms are considered to be a complex process that is used to retrieve data from a search index and provide the best possible result for a query. 

The main function of a search engine is to use a combination of algorithms and various ranking factors in order to deliver webpages ranking by relevance on its search engine result pages or SERPs. 

If you notice, then you would find, in the early years, Google made a few updates to its algorithms. But now, it makes thousands of changes in a particular year. 

Now you may think, why we fail to recognize these updates. The answer is these updates are so slight that they go fully unnoticed. But when Google provides a major algorithmic update, then it gives a serious impact on SERPs. 

Over the years, it has added various updates. Such as:-  Google Algorithm Updates

  • Jagger
  • Big Daddy
  • Florida
  • Vince
  • Caffeine
  • Panda
  • Venice Update
  • Page Layout Algorithm
  • Freshness Algorithm
  • Fred 
  • RankBrain
  • Quality Updates
  • Mobilegeddon
  • Pigeon
  • Hummingbird
  • Payday
  • Penguin
  • Exact Match Domain or EMD

Below we have created a list of various Google algorithm launches, their updates, etc in order to make you understand the changes that Google has done over the years. 

In the year 2022, Google has updated various versions, such as: Google Algorithm Updates

  • Product Review Algorithm Update: this particular update was launched on September 20, and the whole process was completed on September 26. Though while updating their version, they did not announce this to the users about this update, they just shared a post on this product review updates in the previous year in order to give information to users. 
  • Core Algorithm Update: google generally announces before launching their core algorithm updates. This is applicable in this case too. This core update was launched on September 12 and the whole process was completed on September 26. 
  • Helpful Content Update: Google announced its helpful content updates for its readers and it began on August 25. 
  • Product Review Update: in December 2021, google announced its product review update on its Twitter account, where it said its product review update start working for English language pages and it would take approximately three weeks to complete the whole process. 
  • Local Search Update: Google announced this update on their Twitter account on November 2021. It started on November 30 and the whole process was completed on December 8. 
  • Broad Core Update: Google announced its broad core updates in its Twitter account where they mentioned a broad core update on November 17. 
  • Google Spam Update: on November 3, 2021, it announced its spam updates on its Twitter account. The process continued till November 11. Their main purpose was to improve their search results. 
  • Google Link Spam Algorithm Update: google announced this algorithm update was aimed at identifying and nullifying link spam. Besides this, it mentioned that it would take almost 2 weeks to complete the whole process and this would work on multiple languages too. 
  • Core Update: in July 2021, Google Liaison announced its core updates on its Twitter account. The process was completed on July 12. Besides this, it does not provide any details. 
  • Core Update: on July 1, it announced its core update on Twitter announced where it announced that it would take two weeks to complete the whole process. 
  • Spam Update: on June 28, 2021, Google announced its spam update part 2. It was started on June 28 and the process was completed on the same day. 
  • June 2021 Spam Update: it was an algorithm update that was announced by Danny Sullivan on his Twitter page. The process started on June 23 and on the same day it was completed. Besides this, it offered a second spam update within a week, but in this case, it did not reveal any specific details about the update. 
  • Page Experience Update: on June 15, 2021, Google announced its page experience updates. Users were not found any drastic changes through this update, and the process was completed at the end of August. 


over the last 10 years, Google made various updates to its algorithms. According to our Urgent Assignment Help experts, some updates were noticeable, and some updates were so subtle that they went unnoticed. But these updates are actually helpful for users. The main motive of Google is to provide smooth service to its users. So, don’t worry about its core updates, if you feel worried about it, then remember that it provides solutions too with its Google Algorithm Updates. 

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