Is Enhancing Your D365 Shipping Operation at the Top of Your List This Christmas?

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Holidays are mostly tough for the supply chains, and after the pandemic, many businesses have witnessed one crisis after another. While they are constantly asking questions to streamline their supply chain, there are a few things they need to keep in mind. 

As inflation occurs and many consumers have limited their shopping for gifts, this can also impact the distributors. Considering consumer behavior, many businesses are now shifting their approach to dealing with crises from reactive to proactive.

More supply chain managers should review their overall supply chain strategies and possible new business models according to expectations. As the trends are changing in 2023, they will have more room to raise questions about what’s working and what isn’t, from production and delivery to storage and distribution.

If you want to create a seamless brick-and-click store experience for your customers, time to enhance your Dynamics 365 shipping operation. How to do it? Let’s learn.

How to maintain a strategic supply chain architecture?

Shippers will have the improved resources they need to optimize their supply chain operation from beginning to end by introducing a modernized shipping system that seamlessly connects with a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Your warehouse’s processes and operations can be streamlined and automated with a set of adaptable supply chain tools. It enables companies to properly manage a fluid supply network, which ensures that customers are consistently satisfied with on-time order deliveries.

  • Plan your inventory wisely

Let’s be clear about one thing: The customers of your firm don’t give a damn about the internal costs of your inventory. They do give consideration to the cost per unit of finished items they purchase as well as their accessibility.

Therefore, from the standpoint of inventory, providing good service entails keeping enough stock on hand to fulfill your customers’ commitments. Too much inventory, however, will negatively influence your operational costs in a number of ways, which may subsequently impact the rates your customers pay.

  • Implement effective policies

Your inventory management practices, in some ways, guarantee the availability of your products. Clear guidelines on the standards of service that customers should expect are provided by policies pertaining to various areas of providing services, such as flawless order fulfillment (on time, in full) (and perhaps the options available for a premium).

Consider a scenario in which your company’s customer service promise indicates that orders will be delivered to customers within 24 hours. Your supply chain service strategy must be able to fulfill that promise in this circumstance, maybe by demanding the automated use of expedited last-mile delivery in response to upstream supply delays.

In the aforementioned scenario, effective planning will ensure that the use of expedited delivery (and the cost associated with it) is minimized.

  • Optimize performance with warehouse cost-efficiency

Financial alignment can be further improved by paying close attention to what happens inside your distribution centers and warehouses, even if your network has the ideal number of distribution nodes in the ideal locations.

Every warehouse in your network needs to have a layout that is cost-effectively optimized. To maximize performance, warehouse operations should also be analyzed and continually improved.

In reality, the warehouse is one area of the supply chain where cost-cutting may be done leanly.

Simply put, your throughput will increase, and your costs will decrease the more waste you can remove from your warehouses, such as travel, motion, waiting, over-processing, and inventory damage/loss.

What to expect from Dynamics 365 enhancement?

  • Offer a native D365 experience from Microsoft that automates and improves your supply chain.
  • Concentrate on lowering expenses, boosting productivity, and raising customer satisfaction levels.
  • You may streamline the shipping process by streamlining the entire delivery process from beginning to end.
  • To move your products, connect and cooperate with a network of international carriers.
  • To increase effectiveness and productivity, interpret and present significant sets of data.
  • Include extra features that expedite your warehouse pick-and-pack processes.
  • Automate tasks throughout the parcel shipping process to reduce human error to a minimum.
  • Create real-time updates for tracking information and cross-border shipments.
  • Manage your export compliance risk for trading partners, transactions, and other party interactions.
  • Include systems that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your company.

Bottom line 

The bottom line is to keep pace with new updates and always plan out your supply chain with all the sudden emergency possibilities in mind. 

It can save you from trouble, and with Dynamics 365, you can have predictive analysis according to the ever-changing consumer behavior. 

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