Intercom system upgrade means security

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Upgrading the intercom system is sometimes a thought that goes unnoticed. Usually when you think of the word upgrade, you think of getting something newer and better Gegensprechanlage than what we currently have. So how do I benefit from an intercom system upgrade?

Security is the answer, the older systems are great and in the past people were content with just using voice to ask who was at the door. You have verbally verified the visitor’s identity and you have made a choice whether or not to let them in. Any intercom system can be enhanced with a video image of the real-time situation outside your door.

News describing the very fortunate occurrences

There are thousands of stories in the news describing the very fortunate occurrences of criminals using deception to gain entry into homes, buildings and offices. pretending to be; Employees from utility companies or various delivery agencies, or just follow someone in. Many of these security breaches can be avoided by using a video intercom system.

A video intercom system is based on a conventional communication method with an additional camera at the door station and a monitor at the indoor station. In this way you can not only start a conversation with the visitor, but also get an idea of their face and the surroundings. You can add an additional camera to get different vantage points of the area for the greatest security benefit.

This type of upgrade not only gives you security, but also increases the value of your property. Most upgrades can also grant you tax breaks and home improvement credits. The process itself is relatively simple and inexpensive. Most systems can be upgraded with existing cabling, meaning it is aesthetically pleasing and no major construction is required. In summary, a video intercom will make your property safer and better, it will attract better tenants, customers or employees, whatever the case may be, and add material value as a bonus.

The latest home intercom

Life without technology is something unimaginable. We are so used to intercoms, whether at home or in the office, that it is difficult to imagine a world without intercoms. Gone are the giant panels and instruments, today’s intercoms have truly become the most modern gadget that makes your life easier and communication a pleasure.

In fact, the use of intercoms at home has made them a safety device, especially in homes with young children. Today, the intercoms are video enabled and also connected to Wi-Fi. You can see who walks up to your door and rings the bell without them knowing you’re watching. You can also converse with the visitor without having to open the door further.

Latest intercoms have gone one step

The latest intercoms have gone one step. They can also be used to monitor your home from the inside so you can check what your kids are up to and make sure they don’t get into trouble. Intercoms can now be integrated with audio and video systems and also act as a console for your home audio system.

We have a suggestion for you. Don’t decide to buy the first system you see, impressive as it may be. Look around to see all the systems before you decide.

You can have video intercoms not only on your front door but also on the front gates. Those at the front gate also offer many options for automated and remote access.

You can choose between different configuration levels for the gate control. You can configure the system to also work via your mobile phone, allowing you to operate the gate remotely via your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can have an automatic and dynamic locking system that opens to let you in and closes when you leave.

Whether in a family home or in an apartment, home security is becoming more and more important. People living with young children, as well as those living alone, feel the need to feel safe in their homes. It also makes sense to secure your spot and not give criminals any leeway to gain access.

By securing your spot you ensure you play it safe and make it harder for criminals to access and turn your home and life upside down.

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