How Would the Crypto Market Fare in the Near Future?

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Would the crypto industry be able to go past the coming 5 years? The crypto market is struggling to hold ground and this is a natural question among new investors in the crypto zone. The emerging asset industry has suffered not one but 3 crashes in the same year, thereby unleashing panic across the crypto zone. In fact, while the May-June crash brought the crypto market from $3 trillion to below $1 trillion, the November one has plummeted even further below $800 billion. Bitcoin is down by 77% in November 2022 in comparison to November 2021.  So, what does the crypto market have in store for the future?

According to experts, despite the ongoing struggling phase, crypto users do not need to lose hope. The market is poised to turn around, thereby rewarding with a bullish phase once again. The post below offers a brief on what to expert with the crypto industry as a whole in near future.

More investment and more adoption

Crypto industry is in a poor shape right now, so much so that the world might not even dare to put money in the market. But, did you know a bunch of investors have chosen to act otherwise? These farsighted investors had spotted immense prospects in the crypto industry and are not going to take a backseat despite the recent November disaster. In fact, a recent survey has revealed that around 74% institutional investors have planned to put money in crypto, especially in BTC, in near future. Institutional cash flow is usually generous and would help to bring a new lease of life to the crypto industry.

Apart from the institutional investors, the retail investors too are not backing away from the crypto zone. Those who have studied thoroughly about the crypto market have developed faith in the industry, the revolutionary tech behind it, and its potential to reshape the financial system globally. They know that some cryptos might not be able to stand the test of time but the crypto industry as a whole would only scale up to new heights. Even the leading traditional banks too have acknowledged the significance of crypto today.

The world is poised to witness expanded adoption of crypto in the near future. In a latest survey, 50% of people expressed the desire to use cryptocurrency for shopping.  Market stats also point out that approval of crypto payments can surge up sales figures by 40%. Thus, we can expect to find more widespread adoption of crypto, especially in the businessflas and commerce sector.

Crypto projects with noble cause

Some tech professionals are harnessing the power of crypto to contribute to noble causes that would benefit the world in general. One such crypto is Big Eyes. The crypto project is aimed to support organizations working towards green environment goals through crypto. The world is finally waking up to the ecological crisis. We can expect to witness more such eco-friendly crypto-based projects in near future.

Crypto would bounce back

For all those who had doubts about the sustainability of the crypto industry, it is to assure that crypto has been able to establish itself as a sustainable industry in little over 10 years of its inception. In fact, a leading bank had even made an official declaration that crypto would replace fiat in the coming decade. Now, of course, the declaration was made before the November 2022 crash. However, the bottom line is, crypto and finance experts have spotted immense potential in the crypto industry – a mighty potential strong enough to secure a berth for crypto in the mainstream finance industry.

So, what do the crypto experts and crypto champions have to say about the future of the industry? Well, several crypto experts have suggested that the crypto industry, despite its current setback, is only poised to rise and evolve. If you want numbers, the market prediction is that crypto would rise by 3-5% in the coming decade.

More stress on regulation

In a few months of time, regulation and related facts are poised to rule the discussions in the crypto zone. Several national governments are also working on finalizing regulations for the crypto-based operations. Several global financial situations have stressed on the importance of collaboration of national governments to draft a uniform regulation framework for the global crypto industry. A systematic and easily comprehensible regulatory framework is expected to weed out fake crypto businesses and scammers, and make the crypto zone safer for investors.

So, when it comes to the future of cryptocurrency, you can expect a safer world from now.

Leading cryptos will rise

The 1st and 2nd cryptocurrency are predicted to surge high in the near future.

Bitcoin, which is currently down below $17,000, is predicted to rise to something around $33,000 by the final quarter of 2022. Then, the king of crypto might touch $90,000 by the end quarter of the coming year. Experts had predicted that BTC is poised to touch $100,000 before 2027.

On the other hand, Ethereum is poised to surge up by a massive 400% after the Merge upgrade. It has also been predicted that the Merge might bring in 1 billion users right to the Web3 zone. With Ethereum leading the pack in regard to major Web 3 technologies like NFT and Metaverse, the Ethereum chain is about to witness a new and massive inflow of users.

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More stress on use cases

Crypto industry is flooded with 10,000 coins but not all of them would be able to make it beyond 5 years. These are especially the coins or tokens that do not carry a solid use case, such as meme coins. Much has been written and talked about these cryptos, citing their lack of focus on use cases and inability to thrive in future. One of them is Shiba Inu, But, Shiba Inu has surprised the crypto world lately with its own NFT collection. We can expect more focus on solid use cases in the crypto world in near future.

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