How to Play Wordle: Tricks & Techniques

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Even while Wordle has been there since November, it wasn’t until late 2021 that it really began to gain popularity, courtesy to something called “digital word of mouth.” Yet at the start of January 2022, its acceptance started to grow. Also, Twitter users are now displaying their participation by sending grid emojis with the hashtag #wordlegame. You must agree that this is completely ridiculous.

A Wordle game is what is it?

It takes just six tries to correctly guess a five-letter word in the Wordle game, a popular word game. Because the story is so lengthy, you can play through it every day until you fully get it. The outcomes can surprise you. You can play it every day with different challenges. In addition, playing the game doesn’t require downloading an app. Visit the wordle game website is all you need to do.

One cannot solve a brainteaser in a single way. The alternative is to employ a variety of strategies. Find words with a specific collection of letters in a specific order using your intellect to get the most enjoyment out of the game. The proper response will also be challenging for your mind to generate. The letter you predicted might appear more than once in the puzzle if it turns green or yellow after you submit your prediction. In order to make your next guess, you might want to keep it in mind. Unless they are already grayed out, do not remove letters.

You must follow these 5 advices for playing the Wordle game.

Why is it so important to use the initial words in a Wordle game?

Before to making your initial move, you have some time to consider how to adjust your approach. Every word should contain five letters in Wordle. In the Wordle game’s database, there are already 2,135 well-known words (including words used in previous daily Wordle challenges). If you decide to start playing today, let’s pretend you’ve already said a few words. When you first begin playing, try not to repeat any words. For today’s hidden words, about 2,000 words are suitable.


In light of this, in addition to the correct words, your estimate may also contain 2000 other words. You must remove any unnecessary letters from the keyboard in order to move from all of these words to the word of the day.

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Vowels are reliable

Short words, such as the five-letter words in the Wordle game, typically only have vowels as their first letter. You should be aware that neither uncommon nor rare words are present on the purposefully compiled list of words for the Wordle game. This causes replies that contain uncommon five-letter words without vowels to be rejected right away.

Players who have succeeded in this game emphasize how crucial it is to identify the root vowels within the first two movements, despite the fact that making short moves (often as little as two) can be challenging.

Words like ROATE, SOARE, AUDIO, and TEARY can be found at the top of the pyramid that represents the best first moves.

Why do beginning words with lots of vowels usually function the best?

The Wordle list excludes words that don’t contain vowel letters. To expose the letter distribution in the concealed word, use as many vowels in the first word as possible. You can focus your further speculative efforts around acceptable or rejected vowels by using the process of elimination, in other words.

Three vowels—A, O, and U—combine to form the first word in the image above, “ABOUT.” The comments indicate that the letter “O” is the sole vowel that might match the given letter. Similar to ADORE or OVOID, this makes it easy to identify the player. The other two vowels, however, are beyond our knowledge, thus we are unable to comment on them.

What is the second word that you can think of with five letters?

If the player adhered to the format and correctly positioned the green O, the following guess may be made using a word like ADORE or OVOID, but it would be a waste of guessing time. O is the first letter in both words.

The player then concludes that the best approach to keep eliminating words is to keep using single letters. They therefore added the final two vowels, I and E, using the word “RIVEL” as their second guess. Again, both of them are gray. Inferring that the hidden word only has a “O,” the player can deduce that it has one vowel.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the player doesn’t use any of the gray letters more than once. To maximize the impact of their initial movements, they ought to pay more attention to obtaining single letters. When vowels are dispersed and letters are utilized more than once, according to the Wordle strategy guide, wasted guesses occur.

The same justification applies as before for recurring letters. If a player chooses “FLUFF” or “DROOP” for their first or second word, respectively, it will be a waste of a chance unless at least one of the repeated letters receives a favorable answer.

However it’s crucial to remember that if you eliminate all the other letters, your hidden word can contain a pattern of repeated characters. To determine what to do, simply glance at the colors; then, make use of the unused letters.

By changing the appearance of the letters in the first two words, you can expedite the process of deleting words. Becoming friends with some of the most popular vowels and consonants, such S, R, L, N, and T, is possible during the Vocabulary Practice phase.

Before making an inscription, consider how likely a letter or combination is. For instance, the probability of discovering the letter S in a five-letter word is higher than the probability of discovering the letter V, while the probability of discovering the letter Z is higher than the probability of discovering the letter V.

Finding words based on the letters you already have and their colors


All other predictions should made based on the color input provided by the game, with the exception of the first, which made with no information. There’s a potential that you’ll run out of moves before discovering the secret word if you decide to repeat a gray word twice in a row.

It is possible to spell several words with the letters, depending on whether they are yellow or green. You don’t have to find the faded letter right away during the second step. The correct location is where you should look for it. Increase the number of unique letters in your forecast to increase the number of yellow responses, at the very least. The process should be repeated until you get a usable set of letters.

The average number of attempts required by Wordle players to correctly answer a question is between three and five. The group that selected option #4 has the most participants. The majority of players will have identified the right letter combination and eliminated the options that cannot picked by the time they make their third guess, according to this rule.

“Five guesses” is another subject that has a lot of entries in the vast realm of Wordle games. How often you try to guess, though, actually doesn’t matter. As soon as you begin to comprehend the hints, you can even use Google, the most well-liked online search engine, to find “five-letter terms in “L” and “O.”

You just mark words with a cross and then select “yes” repeatedly to play the Wordle deduction game until you have selected all possible solutions.

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