How to get better grades in 2023

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I was this close to giving up on my dream of going to medical school little did I know that with three little tweaks all of that could have gone away, I had to make my mistakes the hard way however because you have me you do not have to suffer like.

I did if you have exams in summer then there is still ample time for you to turn it around all hope is not lost if you’re new here then my name is Faye I’m finally a medical student who has balanced success in her studies.

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Pursuing my own purpose and goals:

 all alongside pursuing my own purpose and goals without burning myself to the ground albeit there have been some bumps along the road if you would like to join me on this journey of sharing my mistakes.

So that you can live the most potentially fulfilled version of your own lives then please make sure to hit the Subscribe button picture this it is 2016. a bright youthful fresh-faced 17 Buffet walks into her parent’s evening sick from my levels I was failing heroically I think I was getting E’s and E’s on my homework.

 I wasn’t engaging in class I felt like I was never going to be able to get the a that I needed to get into medical school I walk into my parents evening with my parents and I go and see my chemistry teacher and my chemistry teacher suits me down and my parents are there and there are other teachers around the area as well and he says to me so do you want to go to university and I say yes I would like to go to university he rolls his eyes and he says what would you like to do at University to which I reply medicine he then boosts up laughing and says to me you will be lucky if you make it to University now guys after that experience I was not feeling very encouraged but somehow I did manage to tune it around I ended up at medical school.

 but I did end up flopping my a-level exams and having to reset them but then once I got to medical school and I learned how to study properly and balance my time and organize my time and be a lot more strategic about how I studied.

I ended up doing just as well if not better than a lot of my peers who had got straight A’s and Stars the first time around if that is not proof that you needed that your intelligence is not fixed.

All about how you study:

and it is all about how you study then I don’t know what it is I am done with my waffling I’m gonna get straight into the three things I wish I’d known to turn it all around a lot sooner than I did number one is made tough choices make strategic choices.

and Welsh back which is something you have to do in Wales but I did actually have another option which was history and I started taking history and I really enjoyed history I loved it at GCSE AI was pretty good at history and I liked the essay writing component but a couple of weeks in I was finding it really difficult to balance all the levels that I was doing and I knew that I needed three a levels to get into medicine so I thought I’m gonna drop one I am gonna drop one and without doing my research first mistake right there without doing my research.

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