How to Choose the Best Fixed Income Research Firm

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Fixed income is an important type of investment that provides a steady form of income for investors. Some common examples of fixed income include pension schemes, corporate bonds, and government securities. Fixed-income research can be valuable as it allows investors and investment firms to diversify their portfolios by choosing the best investments that carry lower amounts of risk. Since fixed-income investing can be an important avenue to generate profits, investors and firms must make well-informed decisions. This type of service can offer a wealth of information and financial advice that helps investors and financial companies implement effective investment strategies. 

There are many services and features you should be on the lookout for when choosing a fixed-income research firm. The right fixed-income research firm will possess the necessary tools to track and communicate the changes in valuations and ratings of fixed-income assets regularly. Further, fixed-income research companies can offer banks and investment firms the research tools necessary to conduct market research. If you are an investor or an investment firm, here are some of the qualities to look for in an ideal fixed-income research firm. 


A key aspect of services for any Fixed-income Research firm is valuation. Firms aim to provide holistic and in-depth representation when it comes to the valuation of bonds. Therefore, the right fixed-income research firm should possess a valuation for all outstanding government securities, treasury bills, and state department loans. This service should also extend to corporate bonds such as pass-through securities and high-yield bonds. Further, fixed-income research firms should be able to generate reports for clients that provide updates on ratings and modified tenors. Finally, an ideal fixed-income research firm will offer customized reports as a part of its services. These customized reports can be a valuable tool for insight, as reports can be centered around client requirements, client policy, a performance comparison between bonds, and for identifying new investment opportunities.   

Fixed Income Research Tools

Fixed-income research tools play an important role in making optimized fixed-income investments. These tools, such as a bond calculator, allow clients to calculate price interest accruals, gross price, modified duration, and convexity for fixed-income securities in their portfolio. Convexity is a tool used to calculate the valuation change in the price of a bond if the interest rate was to experience changes. 

Another feature investment firms and investors should look to avail of is a bond aggregator, a bond aggregator allows investment firms to study the performance of various bonds about one another. Finally, investment firms should look for a fixed-income research company that provides automatic updates for the instruments a client has in its investment portfolio. These tools allow investors and firms to understand the condition of the bond market, make informed investments, and respond to any changes.  

Customized Research Reports

Given the various circumstances that influence investment decisions, a fixed-income investment firm that offers customized reports can help investors and firms obtain specialized data and insights that are suited to their needs. These kinds of reports are usually focused on analyzing key trends in the bond and debt market. Customized research reports can inform companies of the popular kinds of investments that are currently being pursued by other investment institutions and firms.

Customized reports can also provide firms with information regarding the performance of bonds in terms of a sectoral analysis. Furthermore, these types of reports can contain performance analyses of certain instruments or the market as a whole. Investment firms can also utilize this feature of fixed-income research firms to test portfolio strategies and find new solutions. 


Fixed-income research is a large and diverse service that can provide many benefits to investors and investment firms in particular. Investors and firms looking to hire a fixed-income research company should ensure that the list of services provided to them is all-encompassing. By providing a holistic and in-depth representation of the valuation of government and corporate bonds, investors and investment firms remain constantly updated on market conditions and are updated in light of any changes. Investors and firms are well-placed to make well-informed decisions due to this information, something that can be further facilitated by the use of fixed-income research tools. Finally, firms should aim to use customized reports that are tailored to suit their individual needs. 

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