How to Care for Your Vegan Leather Jacket

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How to Care for Your Vegan Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are either constructed from genuine animal hides, that are known as genuine leather jackets, or are made up from polyurethane, that makes it eco-friendly, known as faux leather jackets. 

What is a vegan leather jacket? 

A vegan leather jacket also known as faux leather jacket, is constructed from recycled plastic, to put animal skins to shame. Vegan leather jackets are comparatively cheaper in price than genuine leather jackets and also, easier to clean. 

Vegan leather jackets are trending the most nowadays, as they are the perfect alternative to expensive leather jackets. You can find a classic collection of vegan leather jackets on Chris Evans Knives out Sweater, available in all colors, styles and stitching patterns. 

What to know about vegan leather jackets?

The major issue that people face with vegan leather jackets is that it gets cracked. Well, there are some reasons that causes these cracks in the jacket, which are:

  1. The jacket may be constructed from low quality faux leather. 
  2. Faux leather can dry up easily, which causes the cracks. 
  3. Hot temperatures or direct sunlight may cause the cracks.

How to care for your vegan leather jacket?

The good thing about a vegan leather jacket is that it is much easier to clean than genuine leather jackets. Here are some easy and basic steps that will help you in taking good care of your vegan leather jacket and make it last long. Have a read:

  1. Check out the stains and wipe them off with a damp microfiber cloth

Firstly, spot out the dirt or stains on your vegan leather jacket, that may be caused from foods or drinks. To remove these stains, you’ll need a damp microfiber cloth and some warm water. Dip the damp piece of cloth in warm water, and wipe off the stains. If the stains are rigid, you can first gently flake off the residue of the stain with your nails, and then wipe the particles away with the damp microfiber cloth. 

  1. Use soapy water to clean the jacket

Cleaning up your vegan leather jacket with soapy water can also bring out the stains that have been compromising on the look of your jacket. All you need is some warm water, and a mild laundry detergent. In a bowl, add some warm water and pour a wise quantity of mild detergent and stir. Now, dip a clean piece of cloth in the soapy water, and run it over the jacket to get rid of the stains. 

  1. Pre-treat the stains with rubbing alcohol

For water based stains, you can apply some rubbing alcohol on the stain and then use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe it off.

  1. Wash it in the machine

Before placing your vegan leather jacket in the machine, always make sure that the tag on your jacket says that it is machine washable. If it says so, turn your jacket inside out and put it in a mesh garment bag. Do not add any other apparel along with your leather jacket, keep the load low. Always set your machine on a delicate cycle, or else it will crack. 

  1. Let the jacket air dry

Never dry your vegan leather jacket in direct sunlight. Always make sure to hang your jacket on a hanger and let it air dry. All you have to do is gently drape it on a wide hanger, just enough so that it doesn’t stretch. Let it air dry. 

  1. Condition it to keep it moisturized

Once your leather jacket is dry, make sure to use leather conditioners. Conditioners tend to keep your leather jackets soft, moisturized and breathable. All you have to do is take a little amount of conditioner and apply it on your leather jacket. Rub the conditioner using a microfiber cloth in circular motions. 

  1. Use an iron to remove wrinkles

Lastly, to remove wrinkles from your vegan leather jacket, you can iron it. Place a piece of towel on your leather jacket and set your iron on the lowest heat setting. Carefully run the iron on the leather jacket and remove the wrinkles.


Vegan leather jackets are highly trending in the fashion industry, because they are cost effective and super easy to clean. If you have a vegan leather jacket, then we are sure that the above-mentioned tips are exactly what you need to keep in your mind. Use these tips and clean your vegan leather jacket for a classy and awesome look. 

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