How to attract customers using five-panel hanger boxes for products?

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Whenever anyone is up for packaging products, they opt for multiple packaging solutions. One of the best options for packaging products is the use of five-panel hanger boxes. The best part is that these boxes come up with a panel at the top of the box that can help the customers in the easy carrying of products. Sometimes, these boxes have die-cut holes at their top that can help the product boxes to be hung on walls. Having a five-panel hanger box with a hook on the top is one of the best packaging options for sweets or candies. The best part is these boxes are not costly so, customers can order these boxes at wholesale rates. Thus, five-panel hanger boxes are very popular among customers, due to their easy carry and secure packaging.

A five-panel hanger box is a standard box style that any brand can use for packaging multiple products. Customers can use these boxes to hang them on the display of their shops. This will ultimately increase the charm of the product while giving it a unique look. This unique look will help the customers to divert their attention and force them to buy these products. The properties of these boxes are not only limited to the packaging only rather carry products easily without letting them get damaged.


The importance of any box is all due to the unique properties that they own during their selling time. Customers love to have online shopping more than going direct on the brands. Even if sometimes brands are displaying their products on shelves. The ultimate goal of any brand is to be visible on the shelves. So, these boxes are ultimately in such a way that their primary need s to fulfill the customer and marketing needs. These boxes are visible in the market due to their auto lock at the bottom and their hanging hook at the top and a tuck. That is further used to have a die-cut window on one side of the box. So, that customers easily see the product before making a purchase.

five panel hanger boxes

For example, if you enter a toy shop, you can see that almost every other top is in a hanger box because they are best for visibility. Whenever a customer enters a shop with his/her child, the first thing he/she will see is the top hanging on a wall. Thus, giving an ultimate goal to the brands for better sales. So, if as a brand you want your brand to have better sales, you better pick up a hanger box with tuck ends. This will ultimately give your product and brand a new look on shelves.

Multiple customization options:

Every other brand nowadays is trying to look unique and attractive for their better product sales. So, they are using multiple options for their products to better sales. One of them is their packaging which has optional things like multiple customization options. This customization is very helpful not only in giving unique look but different designs as well.  Thus, these five-panel hanger boxes are not only boxes they have a specific space for their customization as well. There are thousands of options for customization for example there can be a choice of size and shape. Sometimes even up to the customer what type of color combination he/she wants for their box. All this customization is done by using multiple techniques under the supervision of experts.

The use of the material for the manufacturing of these boxes is also helpful in customization because the material is the ultimate choice for better results. These materials are best as they are highly flexible and can be converted into any shape. Thus, their easy changes in box structures and the way brands are manufacturing these boxes is the reason that every other brand is using these boxes.

Product safety is an ultimate choice:

No matter how expensive or cheap your product is, safety is the ultimate goal of every other brand. As the online shopping trend is increasing day by day people are more preferring to buy products online. So, not only do customers want their products to remain safe during the traveling time. But every other brand is trying to provide secure packaging so that customers love to visit their shops again and again. This will ultimately increase the sales of products, and brands have their name in the market. Using a box that has a handle at the top of it easy for customers to carry and hang the product on the wall. Therefore, every other brand nowadays trying to pack their products in these hanger boxes.

five panel hanger boxes

The best part of having these boxes for products is that these boxes even if you hang them on walls their shape will remain the same. The shape of the box is due to the use of material that is highly sturdy in nature. So, due to their strength and durability, these five-panel boxes are popular in the market.

Presentable material for boxes:

No matter how expensive your product is if its packaging is not attractive it is going to affect your sales. That’s why every other brand is trying to look unique and attractive and using five-panel hanger boxes is one of the best options. These boxes are the best choice because of their upstanding and unique elements. These boxes are not only for certain brands like for packaging toys rather brands that have cosmetics are also using these boxes. For example, if you are packing lipstick or eyelashes. You can better use these boxes. These boxes while hanging on the walls gives your products a visible look. So that customers easily look at the products and decided to buy them as soon as possible.

So, the uses of these boxes are not limited to some extent, they are the best option for writing prescriptions as well.

Summing up:

Thus, five-panel hanger boxes are not only best for packaging certain products. But they are best for presenting products in the market as well.

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