Honda CG125 Special Edition Specification & Prices

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Wonder to know about the prices and specification of Honda CG125 Special Edition? Then you are on the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you all about the Honda CG125 that you know before going to purchase. So, grab your snacks and stay with me because this article is important for you.

Honda CG125 Special edition:

Atlas Honda launched its special edition of CG125 Earlier in 2022. A 4 stroke Air cooled engine bike has 5 gear transmission with different graphics. The engine of this bike has 124.1 cm3 stroke.  Atlas Honda produce this bike in two different color red and black.

So, now let’s talk about the Features, prices and specification:


Atlas Honda CG125 has 4 stroke 124cc OHV Air cooled Engine.

Fuel Tank Capacity:

It has 9.2 Liter Fuel capacity and it will get reserved when 2 Liter petrol is remaining in the bike.

Fuel Average:

This bike has 45KM/L fuel average which is very low.

Top Speed:

Mostly people concern about the speed before purchasing any best bikes. So, Honda CG125 Special Edition has 120KM/H speed.


The CG125 model has two colors which are red and black.

Features of Atlas Honda CG125:

Frame: The frame of this bike is Diamond steel type.

Clutch: There is a constant Mesh Clutch in this model

Kick: If you talk about the starting kick then this bike has Electric or self-start kick which is best for the old age persons.

RPM: The RPM of this bike is 9.0 Nm at 7500 RPM.

Front and back Tires: If we talk about the tires of this bike is then the front tire has 2.50 – 18(38P) and the back tire has 3.00 – 17 (50P).

Seat Height: The seat Height of this bike is 765mm.

Pros and cons of Honda CG125 Special edition:


  • The feature of self-start is really good
  • If some body part of this bike is damaged then it is easy to find another body part.
  • Sound is pretty good and that’s why the young generation love this model CG125.
  • You feel relaxed when you ride this bike.


  1. There is no value for money.
  2. The shape is same from many decades. There is no innovation in the shape of model.
  3. As I earlier mention in fuel average that this bike fuel average is not so good. 45Km average is too less.

These are the pros and cons of Honda CG125 Special Edition. You can also read some other articles but none of the article will tell you the cons of this bike. They just told you the pros, specs and feature or prices. So, that’s why I thought that it’s important for customer to know about some cons of this bike before going to purchase it.

Price of Honda CG125 Special edition:

When Honda Launch this bike in 2022 than the price of CG125 is 189,500. But now in 2023, the price of Honda CG125 Special edition is 220,000. The price is same for both red and black edition.

If you want to know the prices of other bikes you can visit any website Honda New bikes.

Honda CG125 Special edition is reliable or not?

If we talk about in brief detail then the answer of this question is depend on the user who use the bike. Because everything has an expire date in this world. If the owner of this bike maintain his maintenance and do service at right time or change the best quality engine oil after recommended Km. Then this bike is long lasting so, ultimately its depend on you how you use this bike or you treat this bike.

Is it true that Honda CG125 is fuel injected?

The 124cc engine back with smooth and power delivery. Honda CG125 has Keihin electronically controlled fuel injected system.

Honda CG125 Special edition is good for long trip or not?

Yes, as I mention above that young generation is loving this bike because of its sound and now they are going for trip on this bike. This bike has disk brakes and tubeless tire. Before going on long trip, check the condition of tires first and then give some rest after every 200km travel.


I cover every feature and specification of this bike in this article. I hope that after you read my article you find every answer of your question. If you are using this bike already for some time then please share your experience in the comment section. I will be happy to discuss it.

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