Home Appliances Repair Service Charges in 2023

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Do you recognize the nervousness that wins you over when a dozen people are seated in your dining room and you are busy in the kitchen to make a success of this festive meal that everyone is waiting for? Imagine that, to make matters worse, your oven or your hotplates fail you. In this kind of situation, do not panic and surround yourself with a competent professional. Yes, but at what price?

What is the Hourly Rate For Appliance Repairer?

The hourly rate of a home appliance repair service expert in UAE is between AED40 and AED75 excluding tax. This amount will obviously vary according to the geographical areas. In general, fares are higher in UAE; however, there is no precise rule, insofar as professionals freely set their prices.

What is the Average Cost of Appliance Repairs?

Would you like to hire a professional repairer? Avoid unpleasant surprises and find out the indicative prices charged for the most common procedures. Please note that these may vary depending on the specifics of your installations or devices.

Price to Unclog A Washing Machine

It’s not uncommon for a washing machine to act up: from a drum failure to a buildup of mold causing clogs, anything is an excuse for it to stop working at maximum capacity. In this case, a convenience store will charge between AED80 and AED150 including tax . The brand or the age of the device may cause the indicative price to vary.

Price to replace the thermostat or the resistance of a Dryer. Tumble dryers are robust devices, but far from fault-free. In the majority of cases, it is the centerpiece that fails: the thermostat, or the resistance, in charge of drying the laundry. It is not easy to replace the entire device with each failure. Bringing in a professional is less expensive: count between AED150 and AED300, depending on the device.

Price to Replace the Electronic Board of a Dishwasher

Dishwashers are very practical everyday appliances, but they can stop working overnight. This situation – which takes you slightly by surprise, we grant you – generally comes from a defective electronic component, completely blocking the device. It’s not anything to say. The electronic card (or programmer) is a major component for the proper functioning of a dishwasher. Replacing this nerve center will cost you between AED100 and AED300 including tax.

Cost to Replace Fridge Light Bulb

Although it is not the first place where you think you need light, the light bulb in the fridge is nevertheless very practical during night cravings. However, it can complex to change it: you have to make sure to find a compatible model, resistant to time and low temperatures. If the protective shell proves to recalcitrant, or if you hesitate to carry out this replacement alone, you will have to pay on average between AED30 and AED80 including tax for the services of a professional at home.

Price to find a Hood Breakdown

Various reasons can explain why an extractor hood breaks down. The suction motor may blocked, the filters may overloaded with grease, and the function selectors, the turbine, or the motor capacitor may also faulty, like the rest of the power supply. Troubleshooting costs on average between AED80 and AED160 including tax. A change of engine is invoiced between 100AED and 300AED including tax.

Price to Replace a Ceramic Hob

We are very helpless when a cooking appliance is the victim of a malfunction. It quickly becomes complicated to prepare dishes, even the most classic. When a hob no longer works, the problem usually comes from the electronic card or the resistors. The outcome is often simple: replace everything. Replacing a ceramic hob then costs between AED100 and AED250 including tax, depending on the complexity of your kitchen, the old installation, and your electrical installation.

A temporary defect is by far the death warrant of a household appliance. The news site reminds us that only 38% of Arabian people have their electrical and electronic devices repaired when they break down. This is still too little when you know that a simple intervention with the change of a part costs much less than a new device.

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