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Are you looking for hindi kundli online predictions by date of birth then your search is over? We provide you 100% accurate Janam kundli predictions for marriage, career, future etc.

Janam Kundali in Hindi popularly know as the natal chart or birth chart or Janam Patri is the first thing that parents prepare by an astrologer when a child is born. Janam Kundali is preparing to fulfill two main objectives. Firstly to determine the baby’s name and secondly to make Janam Kundli predictions or horoscopes that outline the future course of the baby’s life.

Prediction by Janam kundli in hindi

Janam Kundli in Hindi or birth chart has been the most proven method to determine a person’s future. It is extremely important if one wants to know what the future holds for one. In a country like India, every person gets a birth chart right at the time of their birth. In India, hardly anyone will be without kundli. Kundali predictions for marriage and kundli life predictions are essential in taking important decisions in one’s life as per Indian culture. Kundli-based marriage predictions are the most effective tool for families to decide on matrimonial ties. Almost no marriage can take place in Indian families without kundli matching.

Through kundli online analysis by date of birth, you can know every little detail about your personality, family background, past, present, future, education, challenges you will face in life, and your achievements. If you have your birth time then kundali reading will be easier and much better and more effective. For a more accurate kundali prediction, a good astrologer will ask for both the date of birth and the time of birth. However, these days, such tools have also come. Thanks to this, the kundli chart according to the date of birth is close to accurate.

The world’s best astrologer in India, Acharya Indu Prakash Ji, has take great efforts to infuse and blend the knowledge of Vedic astrology with advance technology to create accurate Kundalini that will further help and guide you in your future journey of life. He has developed a very powerful online kundli reading. Which has the ability to generate Janam kundali based on birth and time, in case of no birth. Janam Kundli in hindi can also be generate based on the date of birth.

Online Kundli services include the following key points:

Find out about the future course of your life and remedies according to your online kundali.

You can know about your auspicious years, dates, and months through our online Janam Kundli analysis. This advanced information will help you use these best days to the best of your ability to maximize the output of your efforts.

Know your destiny, name, lucky numbers and unlucky numbers.

Realize your true nature, your behavior, and the behavior of your near and dear ones and those with whom you cannot get along well. This will help you make changes in the way you interact with other people through your birth Kundli.

Understand the situations likely to come your way through your Janam Kundli by date of birth and plan accordingly.

Janam Kundali’s predictions are based on an astrological chart prepare by an expert astrologer with the help of the birth date and time, and place of birth of the individual. This chart or horoscope provides a detailed analysis of an individual’s life – his personality, his family background, his relationships with people around him and the good and bad times that await him in the future and the overall quality of life he would like. live. With the help of a horoscope, one gets to know about his nakshatra (birth star), Rashi (moon sign) details and other details like lucky numbers, lucky colours, and lucky stones.

Janam Kundli Predictions for Marriage

Get the best astrologer for Janam kundali predictions for marriage in Delhi NCR. Get 100% accurate marriage predictions based on the date of birth and time only.

Janam Kundli’s future predictions are read through the study of Vimshottari Dasha. Avakahada chakra of the horoscope can be seem while getting married. Unfavorable days/months can be predict by Ghata Chakra reading. Your rising sign (ascendant / Lagna) which gives insight into personality, character, mental stability, finances, health, relationship debts, and relationship with parents and siblings is determine by Janam kundali predictions base on the exact time of birth.

Hence the exact time of birth is essential to outline the Lagna chart. Another important chart is the Navamsha chart (D-9) which determines the quality of life after marriage. You get the D-9 chart by dividing the Lagna chart into 9 parts.

Benefits of Kundli

The exact birth details of the native are essential to creating the Kundli and analysing it perfectly. In case of incorrect predictions, they may vary. Moreover, you will not be able to predict things accurately. Not only does astrology speak about immediate events, but it also has solutions for all your problems. Effective Vedic medicines will help you overcome all obstacles in your life.

Calling it a secret box might not be wrong. Why? By revealing your Kundli, you can reveal your nature, character, relationships and marriage prospects. You can choose the field of study that will ensure your success in your professional life. You can also reveal your profile and know that you have a lucky color, lucky days, lucky stones and lucky numbers. Furthermore, your strengths and weaknesses can be reveal through Kundli, giving you a clear path to success.

Not only this but you can also predict the auspicious times and inauspicious times with the help of Kundli. It will help you plan things ahead of time and reduce the hassles you are likely to face. So Vedic Astrology is your true friend in need to help you in every possible way in all events of your life.

However, you should always consult a good astrologer to get the maximum benefits of Matchmaking kundli analysis. Only experienced and reputed astrologers will deal with the key details to get instant solutions to all your problems. So why wait? Reveal your Janam Patri handwritten by India’s best astrologers.


Janam kundli in hindi or kundli is prepared by expert and knowledgeable astrologers. Who manually read your data and prepare your horoscope according to the positions of celestial bodies at the time of your birth. However, in the era of technology where every piece of information is just a click away. Your exact Janam Patri or kundli online is also available for you anytime. Online Janam Patri the internet is very accurate. If you enter your birth details, it will prepare your Janam Patri from the available information. With the involvement of technology, the chances of mistakes are also reduced to a great extent. One of the most important advantages of online kundli preparation is that you get the consultation of various experienced astrologers from all over the world in one place. This will make it easier for you to access correct and accurate Janam Patri.

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