Gas vs Oil Boilers | HB Smith 28 Series Boilers

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Boilers have become a basic necessity of every infrastructure. Be it domestic or commercial, hot water is required by both of them. Among all the products in the market, most searchers buy a gas boiler or oil boiler. These may seem alike but hold many significant differences when closely examined, including their combustion needs and going as basic as storage for tanks, with HB Smith 28 series boilers being the choice of majority of consumers. Here are a few points you must consider before buying any of them. 

Difference between gas and oil boilers

Power source

Natural gas and kerosine oil are among the best-selling types of combustible fuel for boilers. 

Gas boilers run on natural gas LPG, the cooking gas. It is easy to access, and most houses have safe pipping from the government itself

Oil boilers use kerosine as their combustion source, which is available with oil companies’ agents. They come in a slim tank, but storage may vary depending on the company’s personalized design.

Availability of power source

Most houses receive natural gas supply from the main grid they are attached to. They receive monthly bills according to their usage, making gas boilers popular in urban and semi-urban areas.  

Houses not connected to the main grid or who do not want to opt for gas boilers prefer oil boilers. Oil companies provide doorstep delivery on orders for which you must check the usage timely and ask the company at least three days before the tank empties. 

Effect on the environment 

Gas boilers produce negligible to no fumes. They are nearest to being completely eco-friendly and are highly recommended to contribute to environmental development as HB Smith 28 series boiler does.

Oil boilers produce carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous to inhale and can lead to deadly lung diseases or skin infections. While being a major cause of global warming, carbon monoxide could also lead to an inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain, restricting its functioning. 

Total cost

Though both boilers have almost the same initial price, gas boilers tend to be cheaper in overall costing. Gas boilers are a one-time investment for most users and only need to spend on annual servicing and maintenance. Bills of natural gas tend to be more stable when compared to other power sources

Oil boilers are high maintenance, and their servicing costs more than gas boilers. With oil being a major component of the international market, its prices are undetermined and may observe a great rise without prior notice. 


Gas boilers are highly efficient at the time of installation and maintain almost 85% of their initial production even after years of operation. They achieve this efficiency by utilizing the heat in the flues for preheating the water before its output.

New condensing oil boilers are equally efficient as gas boilers. However, their efficiency declines gradually with years of usage. It could go very low in comparison of gas boilers, using excess oil than required. 

Replacement of parts

With timely servicing and proper maintenance, both boilers run longer than other products in the market. However, gas boilers have less number of parts and, therefore, rarely require the replacement of parts. Hb Smith 28 series boiler offers great aftersale services. 

Oil boilers come with an attached chimney as an additional part. Irrespective of the part you want to change, dismantling the chimney is a hectic and time-consuming process. 

Storage of tanks

Gas boilers use LPG as their power source, which most houses have access to. They are linked to the main gas grid through underground piping, making them easy to access and requiring no external storage. 

Oil boilers operate from kerosine which oil companies deliver on orders. They mostly come in a small cuboidal tank, but the shape may vary. They prove hard to mix with other household objects and attract unwanted attention.  


Though gas and oil boilers resemble closely, they differ in their functioning. Gas boilers dominate oil boils in almost every perimeters and offer high satisfaction to users. Buy HB Smith 28 series boiler to experience the best of gas boilers

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