Five Laptop Problems: Their Solutions

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In today’s time, laptops have become a major thing in our everyday life. Be it for school, for office work or just to be with us all the time. However, unfortunately, laptops are still not without problems. Along with this, in today’s modern era, laptops have made their place in every house and now laptops have become an important part of our common life. In the same way, while walking in it, we have to face many problems.  Sometimes it is normal, sometimes it is special.    

Every laptop can have problems even if you take good care of it. You do not need to waste a lot of money to fix these, you can fix any laptop problems yourself sitting at home, some of which are very easy to fix like restarting your laptop or updating your drivers. Doing. Also visit our website laptop repair dubai. Other problems are more complex, but you can still fix them with a little research. If you do not know how to fix laptop problems. So you can always search online for help. And this article will cover 5 most common laptop problems and their solutions.


While using the laptop, you face many problems. The most common problem of which is overheating – like the laptop starts running very slow and there is a lot of problem in working, but we do not know why our laptop is getting so hot. So I am talking about some common problems. Due to which the laptop becomes overheating. 

  • Your laptop feels warm or hot to the touch.
  • The laptop starts to slow down.
  • The laptop crashes. 
  • The laptop emits a burning smell.
  • The fan in your laptop is running very loudly.
  • The laptop screen is flickering.


If your laptop overheats, you can try cleaning the air vents with a damp cloth or keyboard cleaner. Here it will gulp to remove any dust that is blocking air flow and preventing the laptop from cooling. You can also place a piece of filtered cloth over the inhaling vent to prevent further dust accumulation. Doing this will helps to keep your laptop from getting too hot and stop it from overheating.

  • Move your laptop to a cooler location.
  • Close any demanding applications.
  • Clean the vents.
  • Use a cooling pad.
  • Undervolt your CPU.
  • Replace the thermal paste. 


The most common reason why a laptop battery won’t charge here is that laptop batteries aren’t always reliable. Because sometime they may stop charging without any apparent reason. This is extra important if you have to use your laptop while you are moving around.

  • Laptop battery is old or damaged.
  • Power cord is not properly plugged in.
  • Laptop’s software is not up to date.


Laptops typically have a battery life of over 4-5 hours, but if your laptop battery drains quickly. First close programs you’re not using. Open programs use energy even if you’re not using them right now. So, closing any programs you are not using will help to extend your battery life.

  • Replace the battery.
  • Check the power cord and plug it in securely.
  • Update the laptop’s software.
  •  Keep the battery clean


If your laptop screen goes blank it’s might be because of a hardware problem. To fix this, you can try turning off your laptop and removing the battery. Then, plug in the battery and power cords, and hold down the power button to restart your laptop. This should fix the problem and allow you to access your files again.

  • Laptop turns on but laptop screen is blank
  • Laptop makes noise when it turns on but the screen is still blank.
  • Laptop screen is completely unresponsive.

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If your laptop’s screen is black, it could be caused by a few things. It could be a problem with the hardware, software, or power supply. make sure it’s plugged in securely. Sometimes a simple restart can fix the problem. Reset the BIOS This can sometimes fix the problem.

  • Check the power cable
  • Update the drivers
  • Try connecting an external monitor.
  • Run a virus scan.


The laptop screen is a very important part of a laptop. It is where you see everything you do on the laptop, so when it doesn’t work properly it can be a real problem. There are a few reasons why a laptop screen might not be working properly. It’s could be a problem with the screen itself, the video card or a setting in the laptop BIOS. 

  • The laptop’s screen is completely empty or black, showing nothing. 
  • The screen is black.
  • The screen is showing a distorted or messed-up image.
  • The screen is flashing or blinking on and off.


If your laptop screen is not working, then you can connect it to another screen outside, if that screen is working, then the problem is with your laptop screen and if the second screen is also not working, then The problem may be with the video card or some settings, for this also make sure to update the driver for the video card.  

  • Keep your laptop software up to date.
  • Don’t let your laptop fall or bump into things.
  • Keep your laptop away from really hot or really cold places.


The keyboard on your laptop is not working because the keys you press are not making the computer understand. There might be a connection issue or a software problem inside the laptop. So, you might need to get it checked or fixed by someone who knows about laptops. 

  • The keyboard is completely unresponsive
  • Some keys are working, but others are not registering properly.
  • The keyboard is typing random characters.


Sometimes a simple restart can fix the problem. You can download the latest keyboard drivers from the manufacturer’s website.The BIOS is the software that controls the basic functions of your laptop. Resetting the BIOS can sometimes fix problems with the keyboard.

  • Clean the keyboard 
  • Connect with an External Keyboard.
  • Check Your Keyboard Layout Settings 

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