Everything You Need to Know About the French Macarons

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Almost everyone, at some point in our lives, has eaten and cherished the delicious french macarons but have we ever thought about the history and the beginning of this famous and tasty sweet treat? Many people see macarons nowadays as sweet little sandwiches made of buttercream filling, almond flour, and meringue. It has almost become a good obligation for everyone who visits France or Paris to try or have these macarons. Nearly every cafe and restaurant across France have macrons on its menu.

Macarons have a rich and long history. We will be discussing everything that you need to know about macarons. The word macaron emanated or derived from the Italian word Maccarone. Let’s dive in to learn about it in detail, so let’s get start:

Brief History of the Macarons:

The detail or the brief history of the macarons are as follows:

The history of the french macarons start in the middle age when they first appear on the scene, and it is believe, that macarons were born or first bake in Italy. They were manufactured or baked in Venetian sanctuaries since the 8th century. Because of their shape at that time, macarons are label as priests’ bellybutton. Many Italian books also mentioned almond biscuits as macarons in the 16th century as they resembled macarons.

The macarons were brought to France by a lady named Catherine di Medici. She was from Florence and tied the knot with King Henri II, also known as the future of France.  Macarons of an early age were not like the macarons of today at all. They were simple cookies comprising sugar, egg whites, and almond flour. They were crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside.

How Did Macarons become Famous?

In the year 1792, the two Carmelite nuns who were pursuing sanatorium/asylum in the north-east town of France named Nancy during the french revolution baked and sold macarons as a way of financially helping themselves. In the process, macarons became famous and popular. Those nuns also became famous as the macaron sisters. They were diverse from today’s macarons as they had no filling. Macarons became a big hit and became people’s favorite. 

Two nuns from Nancy also gained popularity for bringing the delicious recipe for the macarons into the limelight. The town of Nancy has a dedicated museum of the macaron sisters and is famous for the macarons. With time, different regions and states of France adopted their recipe, and macarons started acquiring vogue across France.

Modern Day Macarons:

Now the methods and recipes for baking macarons have changed, and there are two main methods of making a macaron, the Italian and French methods. The difference between the two is how the meringue is made.

The egg whites are puffed until the blooming meringue is built or formed. Then they add the powdered sugar and almonds and tuck them up till the preferred texture is acquired. This entire process is called Macronage.

Macaron Boxes Wholesale

On the other hand, in the Italian method, the meringue is formed using hot sugar syrup with puffed egg whites. The paste is developed using raw egg whites with icing sugar and filtered almonds. After that, paste and meringue are blended to create a macaron combination. This method is assumed to be more robust and sweeter.

Packaging of Macrons:

Not only the recipe or the taste but the packaging of macarons has also evolved. In the first or early stages, macarons were served or packaged in shopping or brown paper bags. But as the macarons became famous, manufacturers came to know about the importance of macaron boxes.

They started using durable and sturdy french macaron boxes to ensure that macarons remain safe and sound. These custom printed macaron boxes not only kept the macarons safe but functioned as a marketing tool for the macarons. And attract the customer by making macarons look more appealing. These boxes enhance the value of macarons, keeps their shape, and preserve their taste for an extended time, which is why the packaging also became crucial for the success of macarons. Many macaron manufacturers have these macaron boxes wholesale because of their benefits.

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