Enjoy having the Best Falafel in Abu Dhabi and make your event amazing

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When you think about Arabic food, you may think of Falafel. The staple Middle Eastern dishes not only savored locally but have become a representation of Arabic street food, globally. The crispy, golden-brown fritters, made out of ground chickpeas, Flava beans, herbs, and spices may be deep-fried or else oven-baked and are indeed topped with fresh pickles, salad, hot sauce, tahini dressing, and a side of Arabic flatbread. It tastes heavenly as it sounds. Stay true to the Arabic tradition and heritage, Sajway is one of the most popular restaurants known for its shawarma and falafel wraps. You will get the Best Falafel in Abu Dhabi (افضل فلافل في أبوظبي) here.

The Lebanese restaurant takes pride while using nature’s big ingredients while keeping its recipes simple and true to authentic household Middle Eastern Cuisine. Best Falafel in Abu Dhabi is very reasonably priced; the menu is filled with value-for-money meals involving the famous Baked Green Falafel along with some vegan-friendly options. The street food experience aims to serve a variety of these delicious fritters, through customized wraps and stuffed falafel options. The Dubai-born people are the perfect spot for you if you desire to try the traditional Arabian taste that is blended with culinary trends of the twenty-first century.

Make your party wow some with the best falafels now

This place is a delight for all the foodies out there who happen to be fitness enthusiasts. The meals are not only delicious and authentic but also extremely nutritious. It is homemade calorie-counted, baked falafel wrap, packed with fresh lettuce, chopped cucumber, onion, tomato, and creamy yogurt-tahini dressing. It comes in a whole-wheat tortilla while making it a healthy but enjoyable meal. The place serves every variety of hummus that you can think about. Paired with the goodness of hummus, these golden brown fritters may be enjoyed over a whole new level. When you select the classic falafel sandwich, the hummus is served in a variety of options including stuffed falafel and falafel served with cheese. Best Falafel in Abu Dhabi is a combination that cannot get missed.

Falafel is more than just a snack in the UAE. It can be indeed your hunger solution, your favorite road trip accompaniment, and the perfect companion for a juicy chicken shawarma. Ensure to bite into one piece of the crispy, brown fritter dunked in creamy and lightly sour tahini sauce and your taste buds would get your hands while reaching out for a second piece. It is made with either chickpeas or else fava beans that get spiced with cumin and blended with coriander; falafel is a staple within Middle Eastern Cuisines. Even if you eat it from street food or else from a notable restaurant within the city, the love for falafel remains the same. Perhaps just because it suits every palate across the globe, due to its robust flavors.

Have the most flavorsome falafel now

It is not a snack for us but a part of our breakfast. You may prepare it all the time specifically during weekends when the whole family came home. You must try the falafel breakfast wrap. Falafels get served as a part of a breakfast meal, along with hummus and foul. Within the Middle East, we take breakfast very seriously and think about it as the most important meal of the day. The classic approach is to serve a collection of dishes for the people to share and no breakfast is complete without falafel. Falafel is rich in fibre and is used as a filling for warm and toasty pita bread to make a quick sandwich, an ingredient for salad, or served as is.

Eating falafel comes up with a lot of benefits. It is indeed nutritious just because it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fibre, and minerals. When made with hummus or else chickpeas and foul or fava beans, the falafel comes with double the protein. There occurs a higher demand for falafel just because it is associated with vegan food. You can make a falafel sandwich with readymade falafels for children. It is perfect for an on-the-go meal and doesn’t need to worry about it being unhealthy. Best Falafel in Abu Dhabi Aims to turn your day just perfectly well.

Eat the most sizzling finger-licking falafels now

Falafels that are served in Jordan have got a unique taste. Not only do they add on the chopped onions that are spiced with sumac, a tangy spice that is made with ground wild berries, but, the oil also makes a difference. The oil that is used in frying the falafel is always changed just because it affects the flavor of the falafel. If it is fried with oxidized oil then it tastes greasier. We take up the frying process very seriously. Moreover, you may opt that the Best Filipino Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم فلبيني في أبو ظبي) to go for baking Best Falafel in Abu Dhabi nowadays.

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