Do dogs wink at you on purpose?

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We dog owners are deeply concerned about our dogs. Every interaction we have with our dogs is seen as communication. No matter how innocent or subtle a pet’s move is, we seek meaning in it.

You are a pet parent and you understand what it means to bark at your dog at 5 p.m. for food. Also, why do they wink at you so often? You may be wondering whether dogs winking is common. What makes a dog smile? Are they in a playful or serious mood? An owner can see a lot from a dog’s facial expressions.

 It could indicate how they feel, what they want, or even what they might be hiding. Anyone can understand puppy movements, but why do dogs sometimes wink? There may be several reasons dogs might wink at us. If you are trying to decipher, why the dog winks at you, this short blog is for you.

Why Do Dogs Wink?

There are many interpretations of dog winking depending on the situation. Winking could be an indication of affection. It can indicate that the dog is at ease, seeking attention or mimicking its owner if this is something they do often. Some of the possible reasons for a dog winking at you are:

  • Attention-seeking trick

You know that dogs are for attention. To get attention from their owners, they use nonverbal signs. Dogs often rest their heads on their owners’ laps as a result. Dogs also wink at owners for the same reason. They are cute and wink at their owners in an effort to get their attention.

  • Happiness can be expressed

Dogs will show joy when both their physical and emotional needs can be met. They will often join their owners in new activities. It’s possible to see your dog winking while your dog is playing. Researchers have found that dogs wink at their owners more often when they are happy.

  • Imitating their owners

Dogs often wink at their owners because they want to imitate what they may be intelligent enough to mimic what they see around them. Your dog may be more interested in sitting if they see you sitting down. They may fall asleep if they see you sleeping. If you smile at your pet often, it’s possible that they will do the same. Dogs often wink to acknowledge you as the leader of the pack and show that they respect you.

  • Signs of ill health

Apart from the above factors, some dogs may wink due to underlying health issues. These are some of the most common eye infections in dogs.

  • Entropion
  • Glaucoma
  • Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
  • Pink Eyes

To prevent them from becoming more severe, you must get them treated immediately. It is crucial to boost your pet’s immunity. An ineffective immune system can lead to many illnesses and infections in dogs. A healthy immune system can reduce the risk of illness and improve your dog’s overall health. It’s a good idea for your pets to receive immunity boosters along with regular vet visits and a healthy diet.

How can we teach dogs to wink?

“Winking can be taught.” However, as with all tricks, the reward should reinforce the winking behavior. When trying to teach a new behavior to a dog, he usually gets a reward for every time he stays or sits. He eventually learns to connect the two. One, he asks him to sit with a verbal command. The other is rewarded with a treat. A verbal command is best when asking for a wink. It can also be accompanied by a nonverbal gesture like a wink.

Can a Winking Dog have Health Problems?

Frequent winking with one eye can indicate something is wrong. Dogs who are in pain, sensitive, or uncomfortable may shut their eyes frequently. Just like humans, dogs can blink or wink when they come into contact with an irritant, such as dirt, hair, or dust. signs and symptoms of an eye infection are also reasons dogs might wink.

According to vets, “If there is any discharge, involuntary blinking, redness around or inside the eye (called blepharospasm), increased blinking or increased blinking (called “blepharospasm”), redness or other injuries, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your vet.”

Entropion causes frequent winking and blinking. It is a genetic eye condition that affects brachycephalic breeds, which have thick brows, plump heads, and small noses. Entropion is also a common condition in the largest breeds of dogs. Their eyelids will sag inwardly due to the drooping of the ligaments around their outer corners. This is often a treatable condition that can be successfully treated with surgery. However, winking is a very common behavior among dogs. It won’t take too much to identify what your dog is communicating by a wink. If she does this, you can have fun teaching her to wink.

Wrapping up:

There are many possible reasons, why a dog wink at you. If the pet is winking at an abnormal rate, do not ignore the symptom and get it checked by the vet as it could be a sign of ailing health.

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