Different Types of Therapies – Choose the Suitable One for Your Kids

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Children have very sensitive minds. Even very small happenings around them can lead to severe mental problems in them. And the worst part is that you don’t get any idea about the reason or mental problem, especially at the start. However, you can observe different signs of mental problems such as sleeplessness or too much sleeping, behavioral problems, lack of communication, cut down from social activities, etc. in your kids.

Once you observe any of these signs, the best thing is to contact a child psychiatrist. Make sure you have chosen a qualified psychiatrist for your kids. The easiest way to find a qualified child psychiatrist in Dubai is to simply type psychiatrist in Dubai near me in Google. You can see some top physiatrists around you and check reviews by using this method. Another way is to select them based on the mode of mental therapies they provide.

Types of Mental Therapies 

There are different types of mental health therapies. These therapies depend on age, disorder, and different other factors. You need to pick the right psychologist that can provide the mental therapy needed by your children. Following are some key types of therapies. Let’s have a look at them and decide which one is best for your children.

Play Therapy 

This therapy is very suitable for kids aged 5 to 7 years. At this age kids love playing every time. Therapists play with kids and try to make them learn different things. Kids having minor mental health issues or struggling to express their emotions are best fit to get this therapy. This therapy helps your kids to learn new things every day. Their communication and social interactions improve with every passing day. And the best part is that your kids love this type of therapy. The lessons they learned in the playground leave deep impacts on their brains. So, this therapy can help them in quicker recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

This therapy can be given to kids belonging to different age groups. Children suffering with mental issues such as depression or inferiority complex are best fit for this therapy. These kids usually lack proper care and attention. Therapists try to emotionally attach with them.  Once they get attached to them, it becomes easy for them to understand the main reasons behind the disorder. Kids also express their feelings. These therapists help parents as well by advising them to change their behavior towards their children. In this way, the main reason for the mental issue can be eliminated.

Group Therapy 

Group therapy is one of the most effective therapies to deal with the mental health problems of kids. If your kids are suffering from an inferiority complex or have no social interactions due to any other reason, then this treatment is for them. In group therapy, psychiatrists tend to treat different kids having the same mental health issue at once. They are involved in different sessions as a group. This therapy helps your kids to develop relations with people who are taking the same treatments with them. They start developing social skills. They start knowing more about the people around them. After treatment, they recover completely and have increased sociality. You can see the clear difference between their social interactions. 

Family Therapy 

It is a rare but advanced form of psychiatry in Dubai. And the best part is that not only your kids, but your whole family have to be involved in it. It is actually for mental health issues that are caused by family problems. Sometimes, an event or mishap can disturb the whole family and you all can feel mental stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Divorce and death in the family are the key reasons behind this. Family therapy helps your whole family to get out of mental problems. You all may have to participate in sessions together. More than one therapist can also get involved in this treatment.

Final Thoughts 

All these therapies are available at Camali Clinic Dubai. Highly qualified and expert psychiatrists are present in Camali Clinic to address your kids’ mental health issues. Just choose a suitable therapy for your kid. If you are struggling in doing so, a psychological consultant can help you by recommending the right therapy for your kids.

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