Let’s Develop a Simple Kindle-Like Ebook App

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Every great love starts with a story. And stories bead together to form a book. Moreover, there is no friend as loyal as a book. And everyone who loves to read and write adores Kindle!

Every writer discerns the importance of reading online.  It enables carrying as many ebooks as you want, without actually carrying the load, while traveling, while sitting in the park, in the library, in your bedroom, on your balcony, on the terrace, or in any other possible location which you find convenient to read.

It is also a conducive option if you just have to skim a book, before buying a hardcopy or paperback edition as an add-on to your personal library. It provides free Books and significant discounts, and you will no longer worry about buying a book that you don’t really want or getting bored after reading the first few pages.

What is Kindle?

A Kindle is a small electronic handheld device that allows reading online books. It is issued by Amazon, and can also be accessed via mobile application. Most people make use of wireless fiber connections to download books. The newest comes with 4G mobile phone technology that makes it possible to download books. Books can also be downloaded to computers via USB cable.

Kindle is much lighter and hardly occupies any space in the bag. It gives access to multiple reading resources. It allows downloading the books for later use, maintaining the brightness, adjusting the contrast, and making it night-reading friendly.

Who Should Get a Kindle?

It is for those who love reading, love extra reading features, for mobility needs, and to save storage space.

Who Shouldn’t Get a Kindle?

If you use the ebook app and do not need a dedicated device, having a Kindle can be extraneous. 

Why You Should Buy a Kindle?

If you like reading, kindle can actually improve your experience of reading online. With sound effects, you can actually feel as if you are turning actual pages. Plus, you do not have to buy so many books. It is a cost-effective option for reading-savvy users.

General Features of Ebook Apps

  • An intuitive list of available books
  • Support different formats
  • Store and sync your favorite books
  • Multiple platform support
  • A reader-friendly interface
  • Reading tools
  • Gamification of reading
  • Social integration

Key Benefits and Features

  • Kindle stores up to 1400+ books
  • The screen is high contrast that enables reading even in bright sunshine with no glare
  • The text and font are clear
  • The display is sharp and crisp
  • Text size is adjustable
  • It comes with a built-in wi-fi or 4G connection
  • It has a battery life of at least a month if the wi-fi is turned off
  • Turning pages like a real book
  • Integration with social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Kindle never heats up like a laptop
  • Books are treated as collections
  • It has an automatic archive function and users can delete books and download them to read later
  • The screen can be rotated for better reading
  • Kindle is also being used to read newspapers, web pages, and magazines
  • It has an in-built keyboard that enables searching within a book or a library
  • It enables adding an automatic bookmark
  • It also lets users add their own annotations to the text
  • Built-in Oxford English Dictionary
  • Whatever you read can be protected by a password.
  • It also provides definitions for words, offers translating sections of writing, access to Wikipedia, highlight and add notes, keep track of important passages, see what friends are reading, and share passages with them.

When you should not buy a Kindle?

Kindle is not a very essential gadget, although it is useful. It is exclusively used for reading books, and magazines and also to listen to audiobooks. If you are not into any of this, buying a kindle can be a waste of money. It primarily focuses on reading books, magazines, and files that you transfer, nothing more, nothing less.

What is Kindle App?

Kindle is an app by Amazon and is available to read for free by its Prime members. You don’t necessarily require a different handset or a different device to use App. It can be accessed via any smartphone. 

How is it different from Kindle Paperwhite?

There can be various types of Kindle: Paperwhite, Paperwhite Signature Edition, and Kindle Oasis. While most users are happy with Basic or Paperwhite, there are some similarities and differences between the two. 

Both Kindle and Paperwhite offers adjustable brightness, highlight passages, and look-up. It varies a little bit with the display, border thickness, and the sharpness of the image, Paperwhite is also 20% times faster than a basic Kindle.  It can also be used in a pool or a bath.  

What is Kindle Unlimited?

This is a subscription-based e-book platform. There is a monthly fee to select books, magazines, and audiobooks.

What is Kindle Scribe?

Kindle Scribe offers pen, highlighter, and eraser tools with around 5 thickness options each. These tools can be used along with sticky notes, notebooks, and on PDFs. It differentiates from remarkable 2 as later is a 10.3-inch digital paper case, which replaces notebooks, or printed documents without sacrificing the exact feeling of reading a paper. 

What is Remarkable 2?

Remarkable 2 is the next-generation paper tablet that helps in taking handwritten notes, reviewing documents, and reading. As it is purely designed for note-taking, reading, and document review, it acts as a display CANVAS, which also allows users to interact with the operating system by touch. It is used for writing or drawing. 

What is Kindle Oasis?

Kindle Oasis is a new version (10th Generation) planned out by Amazon with 8 GB or 32 GB device storage, a 7-inch paperwhite display, and a voice view screen. It has an ergonomic design and superior integrated lighting. It is not as good as Paperwhite in terms of performance, charging system, and battery life.

Technology Stack to create an ebook app like Kindle

Technologies (tentative) to create an ebook app like Kindle:

Application and Data: React, Java, MYSQL, AngularJS, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Redux, Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SQS, Amazon VPC, Perl, Amazon Redshift, AmazonElsticcache, Amazon RDS, Amazon EBS, Amazon EMR, redux-saga, Amazon Elastic, Amazon SimpleDB

Utilities: Amazon Route 53, Amazon SES, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon SNS, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Glacier, Amazon Cloudsearch, Amazon A/B Testing, Amazon SWF, Amazon FPS, Amazon Mobile, Amazon Mechanical

Devops: Amazon EC2, Amazon Cloudwatch, Jest, Nightwatchjs

Business Tools: Amazon workspace


It sums up the ecstasy of reading, enjoying all by yourself, Kindle enables you to never worry about carrying or storing books. It lets you explore a library of unlimited ebooks, even better if you are subscribed, or are a prime member. You also get to avail the ebook reading if your friend gifts you a subscription coupon or you win a voucher via some third-party website. Application development companies are vouching for the taste of readers and writers as more of the content is exploding out of the notebooks and being published online. With quickening digital access, increasing cost of books, and devices a perfect cost-effective ebook reader app will always be in demand. Hope these basic features will help you streamline your app!

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