Demand in Canada for Production and transportation logistics coordinators

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Canada is a great place to work owing to the diverse culture and a welcoming environment for immigrants who will work smoothly in the labor market. Inclusion is a primary part of the Canada work culture where you can witness many Indians as well who as permanent residents work and live here and avail some of the best perks like free healthcare which means that you get coverage for health insurance. These benefits help in covering the majority of your extra costs which can go into the initial period of settling there. 

When you wish to apply for Canada PR from India, there should be an occupation to which you should apply as going in an occupation helps you secure a permanent berth in the nation. Industries are booming in Canada with the country needing an increased level of skilled professionals who can fill in their labor shortage. One of the industries whose occupation has experienced a sudden surge is Manufacturing and construction sector within which there is a plummeting demand for the role of what is known as Production logistics coordinators.

Scores of job employment opportunities have teemed off for this profession. Since these occupation based professions are based on the provincial demands and points bases as well, we can use a tool called CRS Score calculator as it helps you analyze your total points tally, once your profile is in the Express entry pool. Getting a high CRS score helps you receive an Invitation to Apply from the Canada immigration authorities. 

Production and transportation logistics coordinators – NOC 13201

The Production logistics coordinators are responsible for synchronizing and facilitating the flow of work in an organization, put together and as well as production schedules as well as keep track of the advancement of production as well as construction projects.

Production logistics coordinators are mainly recruited by manufacturing and construction based companies. There are many employment opportunities related to these fields with tremendous growth prospects with impressive salaries as well top of the line perks. There are also chances to enhance and expand your skills as a production and transportation logistics coordinator as this demand for this occupation shall only surge in the upcoming years.

Also you can apply for Canada PR from India as a production and transportation logistics manager as you can receive a nomination from the province of Canada. What you get is a really hefty compensation, a job security which is strong and what you also get is a work environment which is supportive as well as healthy for your overall development. 

Average Salary of Production and transportation logistics coordinators

When we speak of average salaries of Production and transportation logistics coordinators it is between $34,700 to $83,300 per year, which also depends on the age, experience, location, as well as their specialization which tend to be higher than average in the industry as well.

Job prospects for Production and transportation logistics coordinators

There are several job openings for this particular position as from 2022 to 2031 the new job prospects for Production and transportation logistics coordinators shall total to 18,800 while the number of new job seekers shall total up to 17,200 and shall fill the position for this in-demand role. If you are interested in the position of Production and transportation logistics coordinators who will find it easier to look for a job under TEER 13201.

Production and transportation logistics coordinators Job Titles 

  • Dispatch logistician
  • Freight forwarding logistician
  • Production coordinator
  • Production scheduler
  • Supply chain coordinator – production
  • Supply control coordinator

Production Logistics Coordinators and transportation logistics coordinators

 – Roles and responsibilities

Production Logistics coordinator

  1. Plan and oversee operational logistics of supply-chain work units or departments.
  2. Take consultation with the production supervisor to plan out production runs in a cost effective and time-saving way.
  3. Speak on a regular basis with other production coordinators, warehouse, production, and construction supervisors, and purchasing and inventory clerks to keep the flow of activities between warehouses, production floors, construction sites, or other supply chain work units or even departments.
  4. Handles the inventory of materials and parts required to finish the production.
  5. Get together and maintain several reports on the advancement of work, materials utilized, rates of production, as well as other production data, making use of manual or even computerized systems.

Transportation logistics coordinators

  1. Systemize and observe as well as keep an eye on logistics of the movement of parts, supplies, and materials within an establishment and make sure that supplies, materials, and products are shipped and received on schedule
  2. Getting together and processing all customs documents for International as well as U.S. shipments.

Keep in mind to keep your CRS Score Calculator in check, as it helps you identify whether or not you are eligible for the occupation of production logistics manager and transportation logistics manager. Get a good CRS which are based on core human capital factors such as the age, level of education, first language ability, second language ability and Canadian work experience. 

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