Critical Review Of 11 Features of Phone spy app

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Phone spy app

Recently the hot topic in my circle is using phone spy apps in different ways. Everyone is pumped up as one or two parents of teenagers finally started using it, and then it spread like a fire. So every family gathering or chat group is filled with recommendations and experience sharing of the phone spy app and computer monitoring software. Some had a good experience, some are trying the free version, and others have the yearly bundle seal for the whole year. So after hearing a lot and a lot about the technology, I finally thought of trying it myself and having the experience. The versatile experiences confused me about this technology’s overall pros and cons. So I decided to try it myself finally. After trying the OgyMogy, I thought to pen down my experience as I felt it was my duty to share my experience with all of you. So here is my honest critical review of the like 11 features of the OgyMogy phone spy app

Text Log:

Did you know according to pew research statistics

  • 81% of Americans regularly use SMS service as a communication medium

Texting is easy and comfortable as you don’t have to leave your zone to make way for anyone else. The OgyMogy spy app offers a text log feature, which I have found very helpful. You can record even the deleted text content with time stamp information. 

Call Record:

The call record feature offered by the OgyMogy cellphone spy app is one way to get into the phone book record for the target without them knowing. Listen to the call whenever you want and take timely action in case of any threat.

Web Browsing:

Some apps in the name of web browsing offer pathetic services that are of no use. But not the OgyMogy spy app. The feature helps the user not only know about all the websites visited by the target but can also notify about the bookmark folder details. 

Web Filtering:

I found some porn websites in my son’s gadget browsing history. I was worried, but then the web filtering feature solved my problem. One can block such sites and any other triggering stuff easily. The feature allows one to filter any online stuff with just a few clicks. 

Youtube Screen Monitoring:

Monitor the browsing history of the target youtube account and streaming details with the OgyMogy youtube screen recording feature. 

Facebook NewsFeed Control:

If you are searching for an effective way to get into your kids’ Facebook accounts of your kids, then this one is for you. Use the Facebook spy app feature and know about every newsfeed activity with the date and time information. I found it fascinating that they also offer services for messenger monitoring. 

Instagram Hacks:

The Instagram spy app feature of the OgyMogy phone spy app is another best way to spy on the target Instagram activity. It is one big effective feature for businesses dealing in digital marketing. 

Snapchat spy app:

Recover the deleted or disappeared content on Snapchat with the OgyMogy phone spy app

Remote Camera control:

I have listened to many people talk about the remote-control camera feature, but I did not believe in its effectiveness. But as soon as I started using the app, it became one of my favorite features. You can remotely control the front and rear cameras of the target device without letting them know. This feature can keep an eye on any bully or stalker around the target. 

Mic Bug:

Mic bug lets the user listen to all the sounds and voices around the target device. You can use it for employee monitoring and even as parental control. 

Keystroke logging:  

I was not sure how well the keystroke logging feature would work, but ladies and gentlemen, it gives you updates about every keypad-related activity. Strictly speaking, you can know about secret account details, Id information, and even the password with the phone spy app features. 

Explore more features of the OgyMogy phone spy app and enjoy spying life. 

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