Complete guide to Jaisalmer camping

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No matter what your motives may be, you must take at least one trip to the desert. Jaisalmer is the most popular spot for Rajasthani desert camping. The unique blend of adventure, culture, and excitement offered by Jaisalmer Camping will make your desert stay unforgettable.

There were so many options that I felt lost when searching for desert camping in Jaisalmer. Do I need to reserve only one day? Excellent or poor Jaisalmer camel safari? Desert National Camp: Khuri, Sam Dunes or? I trusted the Tripadvisor reviews. There were both positive and negative outcomes. I was able, however, to make a checklist based on that experience for the Jaisalmer Desert camps.

This guide to Jaisalmer desert safari is divided into two sections. The first section explains the many things you can do in Jaisalmer’s Desert Camps. The second section gives you a few suggestions on how to choose the best Jaisalmer desert camp.

What are some things you can do while camping in Jaisalmer desert

A Rajasthan desert camp offers a variety of experiences. Some highlight the best of Rajasthan’s dry desert while others focus on its many cultural aspects. You have the option to engage in thrilling activities or stop at a heritage site during your safari. Below are some of the activities you can do while on a Jaisalmer desert safari.

You can see the sun rise and set above the sand dunes.

We all have experienced the excitement of watching the sun rise over the ocean or mountains. You will experience a completely different sensation sitting on the sand dunes, watching the sun rise or set. I was able to feel a tiny sand particle touch my cheek, and took photos of the creative lines of distant camel caravans.

Safari with camels in Jaisalmer My fuzzy new friend was the first thing that made me fall in love with him.

Raja poked me with his nose as I sat on the desert soft ship. As he waited for the vehicle, he seemed content. Camels have been the lifeline of desert travelers for centuries. During the silk route, huge cargoes were carried through the dunes; they are now mostly used by tourists.

Two types of camel safari are available in Jaisalmer. The shorter rides are intended to give tourists a taste of desert life, and the longer trips take you deep into the desert to remote settlements. These shorter rides, particularly in touristic camps, can be avoided if you wish. However, the Jaisalmer camel safaris will take you beyond the touristic desert camps to the real ones. In fact, you will need a camel to do this.

Concerns about the morality and conduct of Jaisalmer’s camel safaris

Although I will admit I rode a camel through Jaisalmer, ethical concerns about how they are handled led me to second-guess my decision. Many countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Sri Lanka have been criticized for how they treat elephants. Even though camels can pull heavy loads across the desert, it is important to be cautious about how they are treated.

You can avoid it on shorter visits. If you are looking for an authentic experience, there is no way to avoid a camel ride. A few tourism businesses advertise ethical camel safaris. However, most businesses do not adhere to such standards. An indicator that you are ready to embark on an ethical adventure is how the camel looks. If a camel has wounds or sores, it may be unfit for riding. You should insist on a different animal.

Jaisalmer’s residents rely heavily on camel safaris to sustain their daily lives. It is up to tourists to find the right balance between supporting local tour companies and treating camels respectfully. Ask the right questions and look critically before making a decision.

You can go on a vehicle safari in Jaisalmer and go dune bashing

Whoopie! Whoa! Zoom! Zip! Thwack!!! …. …and then, you can go back!

You may find it addictive to feel that rush as your jeep speed down the dunes like an on-and-off rollercoaster. You will almost feel the thrill of losing control when the jeep turns on the soft sand until the driver puts you back on track.

It was easy to draw parallels between my Dubai experience and Jaisalmer’s dune bashing. Jaisalmer Vehicle Safari was also enjoyable. This was mainly due to the fact that I was holding onto the rods from an open-roof jeep while the Dubai one took me over higher sand dunes.

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