Cloud Telephony Service For Coworking Spaces

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What exactly is coworking space?

In the present day, cloud telephony, hybrid work culture and the internet of things have made coworking spaces trending. You are likely already heard of or have passed one in your neighbourhood. You might know some of your friends who work there. 

In the basic sense, freelancers have made this together to create coworking spaces and collaborate with one another for help and guidance. This kind of community and structure can help them fight the social isolation they always face from working alone. 

Today, coworking spaces now welcome different types of people than just freelancers. It may be an individual or a business, and coworking spaces can offer you a variety of open and private workspaces. Not only that, coworking spaces provide events and social activities to foster strong professional communities.

Importance of Coworking space:

These advanced communities can offer numerous advantages if you join a coworking space. First of all, you should know that coworking spaces are affordable due to their flexible and systematic membership-based options. This could be considered one of the financial advantages of coworking. Additionally, these are designed to maximize your productivity if you choose. Please be informed that its benefits do not end there.

With the above, the pros of a coworking office space for networking are outstanding. People benefit from both social well-being and also a better business output. Also, one can enjoy numerous health advantages. Because coworking spaces promote healthy eating and exercise through various means as you get a good time to schedule your day. 

Office Vs Coworking Space:

Regular office work you perform in the company with coworkers in different departments differs from these locations. Because coworking space does not require you to stay or share a space, you can do this for yourself and your people. With the help of Cloud-based business phone systems, companies expect employees to share rooms, which often leads to tension among coworkers and gradually creates friction between departments. Sometimes, it may be between people who work in the same department.

On the other hand, professional coworkers tend to share various interests, skills, and abilities. And such activities foster personal development and business connections.

Requirements of Coworking space to work with Cloud Telephony:

Uninterrupted Internet Connection:

First things first! Your internet connection should be strong and dependable while accessing because it is important to offer members of the coworking space fast internet access. You must understand that people must connect their computer equipment, cloud telephony system devices, and terminals.

Virtual PBX:

When many people work together, this virtual switchboard allows your team to manage a greater number of extensions than the physical switchboard. Also, it can be customized depending on the services you intend. Additionally, it provides more advanced functions than the actual one.

SIP Trunk:

The SIP Trunk is designed to connect the IP PBX to the Public Telephone Network if you have a physical PBX. Now, users from different businesses can connect and share files.


Cloud telephony offers many advanced calling features. For example, with call forwarding, one can provide a general number for the coworking space and a separate phone number for each company in the coworking space.

Cloud Telephone Benefits for Coworking Spaces:

In a coworking space, freelancers and small businesses can have a convenient location where they can carry out their job responsibilities. In addition, workers can offer their customers/clients or coworkers some fewer extra services.

With this great flexibility of offering these additional services through cloud-based telephony, your job can be interesting. Also, coworking spaces can attract new employees and foster customer loyalty.

A virtual switchboard within a coworking space has the following advantages:

Cloud phone solutions give straightforward benefits. You can get a simple number from your cloud service provider. If you already have one, you can port the number you have. While at work, IP telephony can support you with a single number for every centre or a shared number for all of your centres. This is useful if your coworking space has multiple centres.

  1. Call forwarding is one of the assets of cloud telephony. Any call can be forwarded to another contact centre if one of the agents is busy. You can empower online/ECom Businesses with cloud telephone numbers. You can use both apps on your smartphone to distinguish personal and work numbers.

2. As the complete data is stored in the cloud, you will have access to unlimited storage. Right here, call recording can be very beneficial.

3. IP telephone can schedule the welcome guides and can be set up. Additionally, important client numbers can be forwarded to users, co-workers, or specific numbers as per requirement. It is forgiving no matter how big or small your coworking space is. It gives a professional look.

4. Knowing that most CRMs will be integrated with cloud telephony is essential. From your company CRM, you and your team can view the contacts or click to initiate a call without dialing the entire number. 

5. Additionally, cloud phones provide the possibility to set up automatic activity recording. You can store calls from coworkers in appropriate files when you receive them.

Benefits of Softphones for coworking space:

With the help of Cloud telephony, coworking space owners can implement a highly technical communication network. There is no need for skilled and experienced technicians. Today, most owners manage coworking spaces reaping benefits from hosted VoIP with the help of cloud technology.

It is essential to comprehend the reliable calling features and benefits that softphones offer coworking space owners. These benefits for members include affordability, remote access, advanced features like Auto attendants, Call routing and forwarding, Voicemail, caller ID, follow me etc.


When you think about affordability, many professionals on the current day working remotely already have a smartphone or personal line. But, the purchase of a secondary line for business is very expensive. But with cloud phone systems, it could be better. Because it is surprisingly cheap and lets the user successfully separate their personal and professional communications.


Coworking space owners must know those Cloud communications and its softphones are extremely portable. Members of coworking spaces typically rent flexible workspaces. Because they may frequently travel, work remotely, or are away from the office. But with the help of softphones, they can access their business phone system even when they are physically not in the office. Besides, they can do so virtually anywhere in the world. All they need is to get access to a reliable Internet connection.


To conclude, the above discussion is a little glance at how cloud-based phones can serve coworking spaces. It is very flexible that your business can get a new phone number in no time. Employees need not use their phone numbers as a unique number will be associated with the business. 

For your information, VITEL GLOBAL INDIA never limits our client access to have a contract or a fixed duration. Therefore, we make things ideal for a dynamic landscape like a coworking space if you want to know more about services or a free demo.

Vitel Global India promises the highest uptime, simple system administration, and quick addition of new members from anywhere in the world. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today?

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