Clothes for Tall Skinny Guys- A Perfect Guide!

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Are you tall and have a skinny physique? You constantly purge your wardrobe and learn how to style your clothes. Different body types have additional requirements for clothing. Dressing up instills confidence and polishes an individual’s personality. Clothes are a way to decipher an individual because the choice of clothes determines an individual. Comfort, fashion, trends, and classics are some of the top preferences when buying a new set of clothes. Critical points regarding clothes for tall skinny guys that should be considered while styling:-

Thick layers

Adding layers of clothes makes the body look fuller. It has to be kept in mind that only thin layers of clothes should be used underneath, like t-shirts and shirts, to bulk out the torso region. The different layers of clothes add mass and balance the height and weight proportion, making you look lovely. 

Bulky fabrics

A conscious choice must be made while choosing the most suitable fabric for a skinny body type. Preferably bulky fabrics like flannel, denim, and khaki are pretty heavy, making the body look muscular. These fabrics help in adding mass to the entire body frame, which is a plus point. 

Contrasting the outfit

When deliberately coordinated or contrasted, colors can do much talking for the clothes themselves. Wearing the same shade or color again and again makes the style statement monotonous. A guy with a tall and skinny body must keep contrasting the outfits to add a better tinge to their fashion. 

Small prints

Bright and loud prints might not fit the body type of a skinny guy. Small prints make the clothes look smart as well as composed. They add symmetry and volume to the entire look. 

No to low-rise pants

Such pants elongate the torso and make the body look odd. Medium or high-rise types are the best clothes for a tall skinny guy

Type of clothes to pick

According to the tall-skinny body type, the following are the clothes most suitable for guys:-

Chino khaki

Chino khaki is the most versatile pants which can be worn anywhere. They are comfortable, so pair them with a fine shirt or coat and be ready to rock a party. The key feature of chino pants is they are not baggy and not too skinny. A tall thin body type is a perfect fit for chinos because of its slender appearance and modern-classic look. The khaki color is already a win-win for a decent yet fashionable choice. 

Long sleeve t-shirts

T-shirts with long sleeves look amazing on all body types, incredibly tall, skinny-built ones. Colors like black, burgundy, and navy blue are brilliant. 

Suit jackets

The best part of having a suit jacket is that anything can be worn inside to intensify the layers. It is a must have for a tall-skinny guy. But before buying one, ensure that the sleeves are full, covering the wrists, and the coat has a certain length that reaches below the butt. 

Cargo pants

The side pockets of cargo pants are the prominent feature that gets all the attention. This feature makes the legs look bulkier and fuller. They are comfortable, stretchable, and relatively easy on the body. 

What do we infer?

The struggles related to clothes for tall skinny guys are over with the abovementioned essentials. The tailoring can be figured out by keeping in mind the style and type of clothes a person wants. Before investing in clothes, the body type requirements should be laid out. Experimenting with clothes is fun and improvises the overall spectrum of clothes a person wears, so it becomes crucial to choose the best suitable clothes to look competent and confident.

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